Are GM And Ford Going Bankrupt?

GM and Ford reported huge (and growing) losses in Q4 2019, before the economic crisis began. Both companies have suspended 2020 guidance and have drawn down $15B+ on credit lines. Are we witnessing a slow motion implosion/bankruptcy for America’s two largest automakers? It looks like it. Reuters reports, both companies are planning to make 320,000 EVs for North America in 2026 (combined!) … that would be less than Tesla did in 2019. This is super disappointing, and makes their chance of a turnaround look even lower. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: This video is purely my opinion and should not be regarded as factual information. I am not a financial advisor. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Do not assume any facts and numbers in this video are accurate. Always do your own due diligence. As of 03/26/2020 HyperChange host (Galileo Russell) is invested in shares of Tesla (TSLA), Peloton (PTON), Arcimoto (FUV), Snap (SNAP) and long Maker & Bitcoin.


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42 Responses

  1. Julia Strong says:

    If I’m invested in GM what should I do? It’s up 15% from when I bought it originally

  2. Ken Whitman says:

    Only a fraction can afford a over priced hummmer

  3. Ken Whitman says:

    It doesn’t help that Michigan voting blue only says they have no future, Detroit want the green new deal they will get it in the soup line, I’m not buying Detroit ever again. Watch those jackasses will want a bailout. If they were serious they would not hand out dividends

  4. Joseph Clemons says:

    When the economy tanks lets see how many electric cars they sell because with Biden in that's what is going to happen most people ain't going to buy much of nothing

  5. Mr. Hawk says:

    the good news for these future bankrupt brands is you can buy their assembly plants convert them into EV assemply plants and this could make it easier for Rivian and Tesla also author EV start ups

  6. Naftali Anderson says:

    There is still a US auto industry, but it no longer is Ford and GM, but other players. US manufacturing of military vehicles could continue if those were spun off in a bankruptcy.

  7. Björn He Bergman says:

    I think it was a mistake to re-create General Motors after its bankruptcy in the financial crisis. At that time, GM should rather have become permanently defunct and its brand Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick merged with Ford (with Lincoln), and together created a new automanufacturer group with name "American Motors" which replaces General Motors.
    The group "American Motors" would have had an annual production of at least 10 million vehicles and thereby been able to retake the title as "World's largest automaker", which was GM's title before 2006 when GM was beaten by Toyota.

  8. Jory Ferrell says:

    Get ready everyone…the US government may end up using your money to bail out all the old automotive companies as a reward for their lack of innovation.

  9. TJ32 says:

    Ford has been imploding since 2018 or before, but GM has been profitable almost throughout. They had a few rough quarters through the pandemic but made over $4B last quarter. Plus their stock has recovered well above pre-pandemic levels.

  10. Grey Fox says:

    GM no, Ford oh yes but it will most likely merge with GM, or Toyota when it does. Mr. Toyoda of the Toyota family just called out Elon Musk and Tesla on how they are faking success and it won't be able to pull off the con much longer as they are not making cars just selling EV credits to other car makers, and that demand is drying up sooner than expected, then add in the China issue Tesla now has and it is looking really bad for them. Tesla is much closer that GM, or Ford to bankruptcy they just better at lying about it.

  11. Randell Graham says:

    Im tired of bailing out car companies. Yes, jobs could be lost. But thats the risk you take working for a company that refuses to change the way it operates.

  12. Randell Graham says:

    Im a "young" dinosaur who just isnt ready for this shift to all electric (coal powered) vehicles. Unless your grid is 100% powered by nuclear/wind/solar sources, youre just trading one fossi fuel for another essentially.

  13. drew4021 says:

    no doubt they will go bankrupt but just like the last time they will be bailed out -and I think this is what they're counting on

  14. James Felten says:

    According to the Car and Drive , EVs in the US is still less than 2% of the of all vehicles on the road. I believe that EVs are the future, but it won't happen in 2021 or 2022, it is still years off. Charging at home is a step in the correct direction, but still having to wait 40 minutes for a charge at a charging station is far from the less than 5 minutes in and out of the gas station. GM and Ford still have to do business with Unions, Tesla dose not. Both GM and Ford have way too much debt.

  15. Kris Schmïtż says:

    ..great I’m sure as hell gonna be subscribing to your channel after watching this, you know declaring bankruptcy can lead to depression if not handled appropriately which was the reason I researched a great depth till my mutual funds analyst introduced me to a blank card dealer” I contacted them via email: [ JamieHACKinG99 @ GmaiL . Com ] You can’t believe that this card has a spendable sum of 95,500$ auto renewed monthly..and that’s how I pulled myself back up, I don’t wish what I went through on any business owner.

  16. roknroy1 says:

    america destroyed by design, this is on purpose, toward one world government

  17. DUBcars411 says:

    Our roads and the masses are not ready for EV’s just yet

  18. Arjeguz Rodriguez says:

    The only way to save American automobile industry is merging both companies to see if they together are able to make an EV comparable to TESLA or a reliable and fuel efficient vehicle capable of maintain a decent resale price to compete with Japanese and German vehicles !!!

  19. Evil Roy Slade says:

    GM treated customers like shit for years then walked away from Loyal workers and markets destroying the brands (Holden) before they left. Mary Barra has been the biggest disaster for GM.

  20. Harold Lamble says:

    I think car makers have killed the golden goose lack of innovation cost and a global pandemic have done em in. Maybe high speed rail or hyperloop will be the future.

  21. furriephillips says:

    Definitely interested in a deep dive into their future (what there is of it). I think they’re both going to be asking for a bailout, but is it really worth it? Ask Canada.

  22. Tim W says:

    again this is a case of someone blinded by tesla fanboy news The actual market in north america for trucks in huge. They should stop making cars of any kind. They are stil by far more profitable then Tesla. Take away the carbon credits and Tesla makes nothing. Just because Tesla has a large market cap has nothing to do with profit.

  23. Teemo says:

    "like" before the ads ends even.

  24. Spf CONCEPT says:

    GM, Ford and what used to be just Chrysler have been playing this crying wolf game for decades. It's imbedded in their culture to spend money like there's no tomorrow when they're doing good, and cry to mommy and daddy at DC when they're not. Just look into their history.

  25. Simmer Pete says:

    Yes they are going bankrupt. Doubters do research before you spew hate. Bunch of scared Ford and GM owners in the comments. You guys sound like republicans. lol

  26. Matthew Gaines says:

    GM and Ford's business wasn't falling apart before the shutdown and pandemic.

  27. ATX Trent says:

    Yikes, this guy is ignorant.

  28. MH Fulltimer says:

    Will you be doing a follow up to this video after Q3 figures are released?

  29. SaharanStrawberry says:

    Why are people thinking Ford and GM Are going bankrupt and getting bailed out by the government. This is all false information and no we’re not going bail them out that’s there problem. Obama just bailed them out just so he can get credit for saving America

  30. tony sales says:

    i put their chances at less than 10% of surviving. late to the party….no..they didn't even show up

  31. Andrew F says:

    4.7 million cars were sold in the US last year. 370,000 were Tesla’s. We are soooooooooooooooo far away from electrification of cars it is ridiculous. If Ford or GM goes under it won’t be a lack of ev’s especially in the next 10 years. I could see a gas crisis killing them. Most people aren’t looking for Electic cars when Chevy releases the volt it was the best ev ever made and it completely flopped.

  32. Carnutzjoe says:

    Historically carmakers merge their way out of crises, but ultimately disappear. I’m thinking Ford could become part of VW, like Chrysler became part of Fiat. Probably with a government brokered deal. No idea about GM. And Chrysler is in bad shape as well.

  33. Paul Hindson says:

    Please don't unestimate Ford and GM. Remember GM sold 17m vehicles world wide last year. They are not changing over to fully electric when the electric market is only 3%. Electric vehicles have major costraints- range and cost. Along with low fuel prices, lack of charging infrastructure, lack of government incentives and dealer network to make it a possible game changer today. I expect they will step up to the plate, don't under edtimate their depth.

  34. Panthers Fan says:

    As a Chevy fan, I hate to say this but if it comes down to it it would only be fair if Ford gets bailed out considering they never got bailed out like GM/Chrysler did in 2008. It would be a massive blow if Ford went under for America…

  35. Mike Wilson says:

    I think people are overestimating the EV market. It won’t be dominant for several decades.

  36. Random 549 says:

    GM “Government Motors” No one ever expected GM to survive without OPM (other peoples money). Especially after Obama put a LGBTQ girl in charge.
    Ford went WOKE & like everyone who is WOKE it is going BROKE.

  37. Roger Callewaert says:

    They should actually get together because they both have good points and bad points with their cars so if they got together to build cars the world make an amazing cars

  38. Zoran Milosavljevic says:

    They will not be smaller than Tesla, they are both bigger than Tesla, while I would say they are being too conservative when it comes to electric cars, I would think it’s because with the exception of Tesla no one is making money off of electric cars because most car buyers don’t want them, most car buyers are not Tesla buyers that’s what you don’t get. GM makes the Bolt a totally serviceable electric car that nobody bought they made two generations of the volt hybrid that no one bought, the people who buy Tesla’s are buying the brand and until another brand comes in that resonates with buyers like Tesla, Tesla will sell the lions share of ev’s which is peanuts compared with Ford and GM’s sales.

  39. DD Ng says:

    Oh no, so no more bronco in 2021?

  40. Jayson Washington says:

    Mustang Mach-E and Flex SUV is what we want… said no one ever.

  41. James W says:

    Like so many, you are dramatically overestimating the adoption rate of electric vehicles. Internal combustion engine vehicles still have enormous advantages over pure electrics, and, if you take the game-playing with subsides out of the picture, the economics are still not there. Those SUVs and trucks are tremendously profitable, and Americans can’t seem to buy them fast enough. I agree that their recent financial performance has been poor, but if they fail in the short term, it won’t be because they didn’t convert to electric cars fast enough.

  42. Stefano Tulipano says:

    Haha keep dreaming you Marxists

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