Apple's iPhone event, Equifax fallout, Google teases smartphone reveal (Tech Today)

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The week’s major tech headlines include Apple’s big iPhone event, the continuing fallout from the massive Equifax data breach and Google’s own smartphone reveal tease.

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10 Responses

  1. Tubget COM says:

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  2. Harish Rai says:

    New pograme

  3. Sujaya C V says:

    Hi friend, iam one of your subscriber, I am really interested in knowing how you are making videos, and from where you are getting information about upcoming tech news. Plz do reply.

  4. Toonses says:

    its bandwagonning time you sheeps.

  5. Roland Med. says:

    WDF apple ???

  6. Santhosh Kumar Ramesh says:

    It would be great if the Pixel XL 2 has an S-Pen and software features for it like the Note 8

  7. Top Dawg says:

    ios 5 is my city,
    (╭☞܍Ꮂ܍)╭☞ my only city…

  8. Scooty J says:

    Iphone 10 is too expensive

  9. 321bluff says:

    google will blow apple

  10. A - Aron says:

    Pixel 2 #can't wait

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