Although the #AllProgressivesGrandAlliance has dismissed the recent defection of Dr. #NkemOkeke, deputy governor of #AnambraState, to the #AllProgressivesCongress as a non-issue, #APGA must be quietly wondering if more could have been done to keep him within the party’s fold.

With the forthcoming governorship election barely 10 days away, whatever electoral value Okeke might have had will now be to the advantage of the #APC, which has been trying to get a foothold in the southeastern state for a decade.

Add to this the security threat posed by purported members of the proscribed #IndigenousPeopleofBiafra, APGA which has held sway in the state for 15 years, is certain to be concerned about the voter turnout on election day.

C. Don Adinuba discusses the forthcoming Anambra governorship election amid security concerns, and how the defection of the deputy governor could impact the chances of Prof. #CharlesChukwumaSoludo, the APGA candidate.

C. Don, as he is popularly called, is a veteran newspaper columnist and the Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment in Anambra State.

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13 Responses

  1. links o7 says:

    Apga all the way

  2. Victor Ade says:

    I guess apc paid rufia before coming to the show. APGA IS GOOD FOR ANAMBRIANS. RIDE. ON APGA

  3. Nnamdi Ifeakandu says:

    The next Governor of Anambra soludo solution.

  4. Nnamdi Ifeakandu says:

    Sometimes Rufai is not making senses

  5. Okwuchukwu Ikechukwu says:


  6. Uchenna Nwosu says:

    Soludo was a masterstroke by APGA. The other candidates do not stand a chance because his record of public service is compelling and Reuben Abati and company know it. Elections are going to hold in Anambra state whether APC and its apologists want to believe it. Ndigbo will overcome the present trials and come out stronger. Soludo will galvanize the Igbos as he begins to execute his vision. He has my support and I trust the support of many enlightened Ibos who have been yearning for exemplary leadership for our people.

  7. Ikenna onuchukwu Augustine says:

    C don adinuba come from ihiala umuezeawala but no Road for his home town starting from ihiaigwe umudara to his house everybody is uses leg to pass very shameful to his people

  8. And Roid says:

    C Don can talk

  9. CHIKE UMEH says:

    Ride on Sir, your statistics are verifiable. APGA is good for us.

  10. CHIKE UMEH says:

    Yes Sir, Anambrarians are aware of what you said. APC is akin to thuggery and violence.
    E.g #ENDSARS thugs that attacked protesters, thuggery attack on NLC in Kaduna, consistent attack on Sowere etc

  11. Lotanna Ikelotanna says:

    APGA is just basking in the euphoria of being a party formed by late Odumegwu Ojukwu but in terms of development they are not doing badly. However I give it to them on human capital development they have done pretty well pensioners and workers are not owned salary but they do need to improve on infrastructural development. APGA still remains a party to beat in Anambra state.

  12. Karton Lebada says:



  13. Lanrence Nwahiri says:

    Good question by Rufai .

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