Anthony Johnson Dies broke and Oshay pays Lip Service, Angryman's New Car, Fresh and Fit Claps Back!

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13 Responses

  1. Battle Axe82 says:

    This stream was trash.

  2. Kevin Samuels Defense Force says:

    Salute To @SoloTV84 For Holding The Line

  3. IfYouScared GoToChurch says:

    Don't nobody owe Aj Johnson wife shit!!!
    It is what it is..

  4. SoloTV84 says:

    A bunch of dudes talking about crypto who have no idea nor watch my content lol BUMS!

  5. Mr.Terrific says:

    Fresh rapping all off beat lmaoo, dude is trash

  6. Dz Nutz says:

    Seriously, Angryturd doesnt work, and doesnt child support nor pay taxes. How he able to finance that nice whip.

  7. Dz Nutz says:

    Home you and Ms. Eyes get back together. Maybe shell move out to Cali with ya.

  8. Geno Richardson says:

    Also my condolences on the loss of your relationship. Long distance is extremely stressful and it’s understandable on why it couldn’t work. You had a lot of haters that were low key jealous y’all had a thing though. Smh. Lot of suspect dudes in this space

  9. Tampa Supreme says:

    NeoEyes for the streets now.

  10. Blackrain7920 says:

    Is 245 even black

  11. Blackrain7920 says:

    GMT u will bounce back her loss

  12. Tampa Supreme says:

    Solo TV ducked the fade with Ralo

  13. Agent 245 says:

    ​I'm just saying what qualifications does SOLO have to tell people about Crypto. All of these Redpill clowns saw that their schemes weren't working and moved onto yet another topic they are not fully informed about. It is possible that he is educated on the top but this is extremely unlikely as he sees to just follow the trend.

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