Andrea Bharatt Autopsy Result/7 Suspects Including 2 Deceased/Morris Autopsy Result

Attorney on remaining suspects. Andrea Bharatt 2nd autopsy determines cause of de@th. Two suspects deceased+Morrris autopsy result.


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22 Responses

  1. Stacey Henry says:

    Where is the proof that Joel Belcon is dead? I'll wait

  2. Stacey Henry says:

    New subscriber❣

  3. Lisa Thompson says:

    Them a dead because if the true come out we al may shock how for it coming from

  4. Kenshin Halfers says:

    The root of this problem is in the Arima Magistrate Court.

  5. junior don says:

    all those charges and this guy was on the street Trinidad no better than Jamaica

  6. elizabeth ternando says:

    Trinidad is curup country with full.of crime,killing of young girls ,it is not safe country,there is no proper law and order.very very sad .but the dear Lord will.take action very soon.I pray for Andrea's father and family that the dear Lord will.comfort them.and justice will take place,everyone involve ,in this dear child.muder punished.may your soul rest in peace with the dear Lord Andrea.

  7. Zamir Mohammed says:

    People need to take action on these KILLERS and Demons. As you catch dem, finish dem the same way or worst than wot dey are doing. Also get rid of all these Vene's coming an causing problems there.

  8. Loraine Harkhoe says:

    These peaple's are demons , kill them all

  9. seerojanie rajcoomar says:

    All young girls in Trinidad is not safe people safe your children from these criminals .out there .

  10. seerojanie rajcoomar says:

    You telling me animals bite her face if no body kill Andrea bharat how she dead then news this is all a lies .omg this world is so sinful .please God listen to these people .give this girl Andrea bharat.

  11. BiBi ZaabY Ali Toronto,CA says:

    This had to be a planed murder, since there were another woman in the taxi the one who Andrea jewellery were given to that's why she was thrown in jail. So Andrea found proof evidence of a deed used in other courts, so they wanted to get rid of her, "dead man carry no tails" so the case will be thrown out. I really hope they dig deep to find more clues of this lovely girl. She didn't deserved to die like that. Her killer(s) are the worst beast. Again autopsy of the suspects were clearly reported, while Andrea's wasn't they said due to advanced decomposed body? The truth will come out with the Arima court staffs involved .

  12. Zamir Mohammed says:

    Who ever beat these two people to death, why dey did it. ??. Again all inside job.

  13. Rodell Williams says:

    There is more to this whole case than it's Sims based on what this young lady find at her job I think it's fair to say there's more to it and there is powerful people who's involved with it. Trinidad and Jamaica or to corrupt f**** Islands corrupt officials I am not saying there is not corruption in other places but the level of corruption is f**** ridiculous. If that's what they are doing in the courts in Trinidad obviously there is lawyers there is judges and everybody else involved

  14. Jameel Ali says:


  15. Jameel Ali says:

    Who’s protecting who? The answer needed now ; WHY was she KIDNAPPED to be KILLED? Citizens of T & T are not stupid, people are talking; also, be careful of the chair you sit on if EVER in police custody.

  16. ann bridge says:

    Justice will be served!!!!!!!! Run. You have NO where to hide.

  17. DOES IT Slime says:

    R.i p

  18. alexandra natasha sahoye says:

    Stop Violence against women.

  19. Victorious Angel says:

    Scrap man was looking for a easy Money. So he decided to go scrap hunting in a 30ft precipice.

  20. Apple bug says:

    Look like someone is killing the suspects to cover dem slef, if everyone dies the truth will never told…

  21. Sherina Abdool says:

    These criminal is like a beast just murdering innocent people woman an children for nothing we are living in a unsafe place called trinidad

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