Amritsar Train Accident: The Quint Speaks to The Kin of The Deceased | The Quint

The Quint’s Aishwarya Iyer speaks to the family members of those who lost their lives in the tragic #AmritsarTrainAccident that claimed at least 61 lives.

Video: The Quint

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12 Responses

  1. Richa Mahajan says:

    Har baat govt aa ke bolegi kya… Ye toh common sense hai ki track pe khade nhi hona chahiye… Apni life ki care toh khud e karni padegi… Har baat govt thoda batayegi

  2. Heavenly journeys says:

    Sali kuti government h,,, aur haramzaadon ne dobara train chala di h joda fatak pe,, inki hevaniyat dekho.. Jo log iss hadse me bhi marne wale logo ka kasoor nikal rhe h,, unko sbse pehle train k niche dena chahiye,, arre bager roshni k aur Ravan dehan k shor me unn becharon ko train ki awaz sunti ,,sbka dhyan to ravan dehan pe tha.. Kitne masum logon ki jaan le li iss railway aur administration ne.. Styanas kr diya haramiyo ne,, in salon ko fansi ki sza sunao,, aur ek bhi train whaa se tb tk gujrne na do.. Ye bharat varsh pe sbse bda paap thop diya h inn haramiyo ne. We want the murderers of the innocents to be hanged within a month..

  3. Democracy dies in darkness says:

    Sorry , government is no way responsible for this tragedy. It's civilian responsibility to be cautious while on railway track. People were so engaged in watching Ravan that they forget about railway track. It's their own fault. But politicians/ organizers should share their blame while backstabbing the rules.

  4. Unknown Facts says:

    This is for those who think its railways falut do one thing go and stand in between of any highway and then blame others for that

  5. Amit Dixit says:

    Chutiya quint wale…suar ki aulaad inki bhadwe

  6. Focus Study says:

    Yaar bewakoofo chutiyo railway track kaun si jagah h khade hone k liye

  7. DaiLy DoZe says:

    abe chutiya train ki line mei khade ho kar dashera dekhe ga to kya hoga…. thik hi hua hai

  8. tia says:

    I'm not a BJP supporter but I will definitely say that it is not the govt. Or the railway's fault. The organizers shouldn't have organised such a large public gathering near railway tracks. Even if they did they should have found out if any trains were scheduled at that time. The necessary precautions should have been taken by the organizers. Then the public present there should have completely avoided the rail tracks.

  9. KIRAN says:

    Ye tragic accident Negligence ke wajah se hua hain.. Dashahara commetee…Railway… log sab logo ki negligence..

  10. Godfather says:

    firstly a railway track is no place to stand and watch an event.
    secondly, you can't blame the railway authority or the government.
    finally, it's not always the govt's responsibility , citizens do have a role to play.

  11. Manav Abbott says:


  12. The Quint says:

    Catch all the live updates here:

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