AirTags vs Tile Trackers – Did Apple Just BANKRUPT Tile?

Should you buy AirTags or Tile? Every Single Detail Compared!
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In this video we compare Apple AirTag against Tile Pro and compare the battery life, bluetooth range, speakers, button, features, ease of use, setup, app, network, lost mode, chime, NFC, and much more!

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30 Responses

  1. Elvin O says:

    I use to love my tiles now it feels almost worthless

  2. ignite export says:

    Oh Apple wall for sure take this over. Most definitely. Because of the sheer volume of the network of iPhones and iPads out there and all these people will want AirTags so that they can track stuff. I don't know anyone with the tile. However I am see everywhere I go people buying airTags. And then the great thing is that every where I go to the gym the stores everywhere you go I see people with iPhones. So if I lose something somebody will be able to track it for me..

  3. M H says:

    Can both products be used be Android users? Or do you need to have an i phone?

  4. E. MO. says:

    I'll pass.

  5. pineapple bliss says:

    is the battery always used or only when you’re activating it if you’re trying to look for the item lost?

  6. Edgardo Torres says:

    I always love Apple "innovation"…and like always 4 to 5 years behind and when they announced the world collapse in applause…

  7. Sandra Perkins says:

    Air tag wins hands down. They are fantastic

  8. Silverback Gamer says:

    Click bait title.

  9. Albino monkey says:

    Jokes on you im buying smart tags

  10. vd853 says:

    Tile isn't really that good. I have 3 tiles. They only work within bluetooth range and probably work 70% of the time. There is the "last seen" location, but it is usually wrong. The apps is also bad since there is no way to silence it after the alarm goes off.

  11. c g says:

    I have tile but just bought 5 air tags ! One thing that is curious about the wallet ! Time has a flat tracker like a credit card and that will be hard to beat unless they are making more of the apple ones but I feel tile will survive! At least for now

  12. Troy Starkey says:

    So, as an Android phone user I can use these airtags to attach to some expensive bikes, and hopefully the thieves own iphones reporting to where they are?? That's if i have understood this correctly. If that's the case, hook me up with some apple tech for a change!

  13. Justin Phy says:

    I have a tile , but I’m DEFINITELY switching over to an Airtag! Mine should be arriving soon and can’t wait

  14. Walter Maddox says:

    what if I don't have an apple phone or my OI is under version 14 Hummm

  15. Walter Maddox says:

    Like the time your tracker could not find the air tags with the direction finder. and you had to use sound to find it? hummm

  16. Bjorn ten Broeke says:

    I think youre wrong on this one, i’m a puracher of tile and just like many other people i love mine. It would need a downfall for tile to make me buy an airtag.

  17. Rich Life says:

    Track things and people with Apple AirTags!

  18. Aldoogie says:

    Knowing that these precuts are on the market makes me feel less like a complete idiot when I lose my keys.

  19. anh dep trai says:

    Tile is officially cooked…. By Tim Cook!

  20. Deem Sleep says:

    So if you put a tile on your keys, the app will find them, and if you lost your phone, you can click the tile to make your phone ring. Air tags only work one way in that there’s no button to find your phone. This takes away half the functionality so until they release Airtags with buttons I will stick with Tile.

  21. Polten says:

    I hate how long shipping is for air tags I ordered 2 weeks ago and it won’t be here until June 1-5

  22. SpeedDemon365 says:

    I have a range of Tiles, so I'll be sticking with them and will not be investing in Airtags' at all.

  23. Tom Meirmans says:

    Tiles will survive, but as always with Apple alot of People will buy them and say there is nothing else. As i believe by far Android is still the dominate OS tiles work on both. Apple will also open there netwerk to third parties so if they use that as well what would be the added value of air tags so unless you want to be branded why buy it? And yes millions will be sold. Just for the logo.

  24. Everything Videos says:

    Airtags are pointless.

  25. Marius Merchiers says:

    Google should release their own smart tag that should work on every Android device and uses the vast Google network.

  26. Larry Shackle says:

    To be honest I thought air tags were complete waste of money. I was completely wrong. I am 66 years old and I always forget where I park my car when I go shopping so something like this would really help me.

  27. DRColwell says:

    It's not a (water proof) rating it's a water resistant rating there is a difference. You should know your stuff If you're gonna talk about it

  28. Donald Kline Media says:

    I don't need the Airtag but I ordered one to put in my camera bag just in case.
    LOL I'm so far the down the Apple rabbit hole it would be hard and expensive to change, (iPhone 12, iPad gen 8, AirPods and MacBook Air 2020)

  29. Max Tech says:

    Which one do YOU think is Better? AirTags or Tile Trackers? Let us know below!
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