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In Airline, cameras follow the pilots, flight attendants and airport employees of Southwest Airlines, capturing passenger outbursts and heartwarming stories as well as the interactions among the crew and staff.

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34 Responses

  1. andre The best says:

    Carol is officially my queen!

  2. Big E says:

    here Ivan r plowing

  3. Dawn Gay says:

    Should be 100% illegal to oversell flights!

  4. ally 24o7 says:

    That supervisor and ivan are DEFINITELY SLEEPING TOGETHER! the big guy who was cut in line would go viral today and the employees called Karen's

  5. Martin Ford says:

    Those 3 interviewees, will complain they didn't get the jobs because they are black… hahaha

  6. Golf Guy says:

    This can’t be real

  7. galinda91 says:

    You know they are all going to be awful when the entire family is chewing gum like cows chewing their cuddw

  8. hermajesty52 says:

    SO much immature, entitled, insanity! What a crass crude world we live in….. ☹️

  9. Samiam says:

    Lol racism! Racism! Mhm sureeeee okay

  10. makin itsch says:

    Hmm, that isn't a kilt that dude has on.

  11. Mark Davey says:

    Blk dude needs some anger management..4 sure….love how the go to at end crying smh

  12. darness1234 says:

    They did all the black people dirty

  13. Bea Yang says:

    Im so mad for that black guy. “Southwest is denying your flight because you reacted to someone cutting in line and how you reacted was intolerable in our eyes”

  14. Levy Thao says:

    Man SouthWest be doing people dirty with these pulling people off because they need flight attendants at different locations and when they over booking.

  15. Jean B says:

    A gum chewing family they all look like nuts.

  16. Anthropos Anthropos says:

    This show was honestly the WORST PR for Southwest. Why would they ever agree to shoot this show when they know they overbooked their flights all the time?! Such a bad choice.

  17. Chee Chalker says:

    “This is prejudice …..”
    And there it is ……. surprised it took him that long to get there

  18. Chee Chalker says:

    Yeah ……I’m guessing the Group B lady didn’t threaten ANYONE’S life …….

  19. Chee Chalker says:

    “She threatened his life”
    Ok Juicy Smollett

  20. trisia44 says:

    I feel so bad for Sharon's two boys. How embarrassing. I sure hope they don't develop her sense of entitlement.

  21. Chee Chalker says:

    “I’m not invisible”
    No ……. You’re just in Group C

  22. Dylan Weimer says:

    That neck massage was so unprofessional hahahahah

  23. Chee Chalker says:

    It’s more like Chicago wants to get rid of Sharon

  24. Alma Davis says:

    People with the kids are so immature. Rules are there for a reason-all you're doing is showing your kids how NOT to behave in a situation. One parent is enough.

  25. Anthony Rios says:

    The F.A.A. and the Appropriate Security Agencies Should Protect the The Majority of the Flying Public who do Behave and Follow the Rules.
    These Psychos Should be Delt with and Controlled for the Sake of the Aircraft Safety, Aircrew, and Public. F— What ACLU Says. The Public Safety is FIRST. ☕

  26. Chee Chalker says:

    “What do I have to do?”
    Accuse the airline and other passengers of being transphobic and denying you your human rights.
    Then accuse them of using the wrong pronouns and the next day the airline and the city of Los Angeles will throw you a parade.

  27. trisia44 says:

    The one where the flight was overbooked even made me angry. What if he's traveling for an important meeting or event? What if he's going to see a dying family member? To be honest, the purpose of his one's flight shouldn't matter. They just shouldn't be able to overbook. The issue with overbooking is completely out of control and he has a right to be upset. I have been bumped from the last two flights of the day, one after another, in the past when I was trying to get back home and it nearly cost me my job. My employer wasn't as forgiving and understanding as these airlines expect each of us to be. It's a paid seat for which the airline has already been paid, and in my case, I had paid well in advance.

  28. Shecot says:

    And he’s a priest??

  29. Flat Soda says:

    Chewing gum family really makes me appreciate the kindness of airline employees.. I totally forgive every flight attendant that was just a bit short with me or didn't remember to bring me a snack or something… y'all go through too much :') I've actually been offered more free things/compensation from airlines than any other business I think, even without requesting it! – some people are so ungrateful to have decent customer service!!!

  30. Jude says:

    Sharon needs to plan better.

  31. Lukáš Jediný says:

    33:57 gum chewing competition

  32. Eli's Mama says:

    That's was the most racist interaction. Whitest gets to be disrespectful and the gets removed?

  33. Cubero says:

    22'35'': Racist America… ugg…

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