Afghanistan, Vaccines, and Verifiable Credentials. | Yang Speaks

Zach and Carly discuss the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and vaccine mandates; Sebastian Mellen joins to talk about verifiable credentials, a technology that could make fake vaccine cards obsolete — without requiring a centralized government database.

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41 Responses

  1. Seeker says:

    Why is my comment immediately sensored, it's a link for a 7 parts journalism series, from experts
    I reposted 4 times, all down, this is not good, the censorship of real information is staggering on YouTube

  2. CAPTIVE AMERICA politics says:

    You want to solve all this? Vote Yang, vote 3rd party. Never, ever vote for crooks like Biden or Trump. Never vote for a lesser evil.

  3. iAmMattN says:

    Being needing of political say.. makes both of you beyond naive.. we will never forget.. sorry politicals folks.. you asked for us all to care about the bs you're forever marked with

  4. iAmMattN says:

    Only children would think it doesn't matter

  5. iAmMattN says:

    They both grinded and then tried to pretend the same cuase was enough to justify it.. now crying is a great cause.. you two grinded and that matters.

  6. iAmMattN says:

    Nothing is worse than these crouch grinders pretending all things are worth us all hearing what they have to say.. cry cry.. look, none of us care or think your pure

  7. Ron Deets for Senate says:

    Trump made a deal with terrorists.

    Biden honored a deal with terrorists.

    What happened to "America does not negotiate with terrorists"?

    Offer Afghanistan US Statehood.

    If they accept, move the National Guard into metropolitan cities while the FBI/CIA/NSA/ armed forces target the Taliban in the mountains.

    Then offer Iraq Statehood to keep the Taliban from moving in there.

    This puts the United States in negotiation position with both Iran and Russia while giving the United States an excuse to push the demilitarizion of Israel and negotiate peace talks.


  8. vidform says:

    I was hoping Andrew Yang would be in this discussion, but it was still very good.

  9. Abe Lincoln says:

    Humanity? They already started monitoring unvax highschool girls with angle bracelet. " Ain't your body;our choice"

  10. Saki Legenda says:

    "We can't get democracy working in our own country so trying to do it…" Okay guys, now you're being either delusional or naive – or both! Obviosly it never was about creating democracy. It's about the same thing it's always been about with any great powers' foreign policy – taking advantage of a destabilized country in order to exploit its resources. As well as letting the Military Industrial Complex earn a reason to keep getting funded with – for instance 90 billion dollars, in terms of training the Afghan army. The war in total cost over 1 trilliondollars as of now, and will end up costing 6.5-7 TRILLION in total. For context, making college free for everyone in the US would cost about 60 billion. In the end the 300 000 "strong" Afghan army gave up in a heart-beat the second the US left – against a measly 75 000. Why? Because they never had their heart in it to begin with – and the pressure to defend came from somewhere else. Guess where… Oh, and by the way. Guess what the leader of the country did in the end? Fled with all his millions of dollars. You, know – that typical thing that puppet-leaders that were put in charge by outside forces eventually do when given the chance. When the need to sell people on the lie that they care about them evaporates.

    I recommend everyone watch Secular Talk's take on the issue here on youtube.

  11. Jeannine Welfelt says:

    Hey Zach, Several times I have heard you refer to people your parents age with an assumption that they are not tech savvy. That feels like ageism to me, please mindful and keep up the good work.

  12. jessica little says:

    My god people. We need to start saving money for our troops mental health YESTERDAY! You think our doctors have burn out from Covid. How about ( Heathy People ) of all ages!!! This is Bidens FAULT for Simple bad planning. Biden said they where EXPECTING Afghanistan to fall with in 9 month's anyway? Thank you England. Till full takeover they had a map of Afghanistan and covered arias that where takin over. It was the simple donut hole. What if we where not there and the take over would never be known in 9 months. How many people would have died then?! Now, What do we do with our new immigrants ? Are they going in the same cages as the Mexican's?

  13. Pam Kryglik says:

    Is there any where I can find out more about the verifiable credentials? The Twitter link goes to the speakers homepage but doesn't have any further information

  14. jessica little says:

    SKY News, has the best and newest news reports from Afghanistan.

  15. David says:

    Democrats used to be my lesser evil… but same evil ball field as the Republican Party.

    This is coming from Libertarian Party for president since 2012… but would have happily switched to vote for Yang or Gabbard. We need to move away from parties and special interests. We need actual people looking out for people, like Yang.

  16. jessica little says:

    Now it's still early. American news vs English news. American news is Not reporting from ( Inside ) the air port. Our news was chopped and looks more scary then it is. There was not open gun fire today. There are MASSES of soldiers at the air port. The left lane go's to the US. The right line go's to the UK. / What about all the people waving passport's outside in the masses of PEACEFULL people waiting to get out? Our news only showed A baby being past over the barb wire fence to US soldiers. There where SEVERAL ( little girls of ALL ages ) being passed over. I was so Happy to see that!!! All in all there are still – Thousand's of non violent people waiting to get out in fear. England said there are still 900 contractors that have not bin evacuated yet because there to far away and can't get past government check points.

  17. jessica little says:

    Karly, try not to cry to much. Empathy is one of my worst flaws too. Invisible hugs work… Here you go dear šŸ˜‰ . I love quoting the Dalai Lama in saying. ( Even a fake smile can make people happy ) So there is no reason not to Smile true or not.

  18. QiaJenae Hamilton says:

    Right there w/ ya, Carly…can't even watch the Afghani news, sickens me what we've done…great show u 2! #Yanggang !

  19. johncrab67 says:

    On the issue of the vaccine debt it's yes, are there unknown side effects that we still don't know what the full effect will be over time. But it's more about other treatments that can be used instead of a vaccine. Just take into consideration PCR testing. The inventor of PCR Kary Mullis stated over and over, "PCR can never tell if a person has a disease or not." Now, think about that. And, think about the fact that no one has ever been able to isolate a virus. There are still millions of dollars in awards from various governments all over the world to anyone who can figure out how to do it.

  20. A C says:

    "Piss off the middle east again by betraying and destroying the peoples trust. Leading to another/more attacks, then go back in during a republican term"

  21. johncrab67 says:

    Actually Carly, we don't have free and fair elections. Through out our entire history we've never have free and fair elections. Cheating and rigging has always been done. Now, we've had some decent semi-good fair elections a back in the 70's and early 80's when we still did only hand counted paper ballots. We should return to using only hand counted paper ballots just like the UK still does to this day. People will never have any real confidence in our election systems again until we go back to our flawed human hand counted ballots system. And, machine counting ballots needs to be banned.

  22. johncrab67 says:

    Let me see if I got this right, you're upset at the now former leader/president of Afghanistan because he had an exit strategy. He bailed an impossible situation with $169 million of American tax payer dollars to the UAE. The way it looks to me, that dude did what anyone should do. I would do the same. I would look at my kids, my wife, my mom, my dad, and as many of my extended family members as I could and say, "Right we are out of here, I'm not going to sit around and wait until someone stabs me up the backside with a rusty sword and then does the same to my family". So, I get it. And, I don't blame that guy. Money talks and bullshit gets stab up the backside with a rusty object.

  23. S R says:

    Personally I think the Biden administration should accept the new reality in Afghanistan ASAP. In practice this means ignoring the cries that accepting the new government will be somehow throwing away the sacrifices of everyone who died over there. As cold-hearted as it sounds, no point crying over spilt milk. Establish some semblance of normal diplomatic relations and move forward. The sanctions on top officials are probably just going to end up hurting ordinary Afghans who are already dirt poor.

  24. Donna Thedead says:

    Its funny how people who are being fed propaganda always think its only the other guys that are fed propaganda. Folks, we're all being fed propaganda. Its not just the people that don't agree with you. If you think they are the only ones being fed propaganda, then you've definitely bought into some propaganda.

  25. jessica little says:

    War is Money. There is no cheaper commodity then human blood. I'm so Distraught. We just left our baces filled with armored cars and a mounted of guns and live ammo. This is why i watch news from 3 different country's. I trust the beast 2 of 3. England walked us threw a closed base just a few days before take over. / American news, kept the story of people falling from the sky for a full day. Even though it was the same video. Till they had too! I can't stop crying! I had this all planed out in my head. What the hell is going on? / The Maps, of Where and How MUCH of the WORLD is on Fire!!! Not just HERE! / A true buddhist monk is Never to be touched there entire life. Only by there mother. Now, I Love the story of the US and UN Giving Thailand monks covid shots. One monk said, We must be touched. It is our job to help the community and Made Temples in to hospitals. / Can someone tell me how selling books is American News?

  26. Von Doromal says:

    Someone has indicated to me that the bad execution to leave Afghanistan is to increase American sentiments and support to go back so the military industrial complex can show it's capabilities and wrath…

  27. AtibaVV says:

    222 999

  28. griffshark says:

    Sick dance moves at the end Carly!!!

  29. Melissa Thorpe says:

    Iā€™m going there now to check it out!! Cool!

  30. Europa Bambaataa says:

    11:15 it's not "1000 out of 351 million". first, we should say WHICH VACCINE is causing the problems Zach described.

  31. Europa Bambaataa says:

    carly get a better cam please

  32. Europa Bambaataa says:

    you guys should do a joke segment of some kind where you're sitting at each other's desks haha

  33. Europa Bambaataa says:

    are they just in opposite sides of their apartment?

  34. Kevin Tse says:

    I found out this week, some people who are afraid of the vaccine ARE (or will appear as) complete idiots. One person I argued with, I originally thought she was just delusional, but it turns out she didn't have a grasp of elementary-school math such as numerators and denominators.

  35. Mic Sondorp says:

    Hey Zach/Andrew, maybe get someone interesting like Ibn Waraq, Ayaan Hirschi Ali, Hammed Abdel Sammad or any other interesting ME- expert on the podcast and have their say about what is really going on their eyes. That would be very interesting for YG and others to tune into.

  36. Sherry Wright says:

    Strange that you are so surprise of our withdrawal. It has been planned for years, so people should have been leaving way before this military withdrawal happened. The Afgan govt. fled the country and Afgan Military backed down and did nothing. Really see it for what it is. THEIR GOVT FAIL THEM. Biden is just following through with a plan that was made long ago. In life nothing goes smooth. WHY do you ACT so surprised and disappointed. What you say on media make a big difference to people that can be swayed. AGAIN history has shown withdrawal never goes smooth. BUCK UP and offer ways to help rather then complain. ACTION

  37. Theodore Mander says:

    This podcast used to be pretty good when Yang was on it.

  38. Andy K says:

    it sucks that regular civilians are being impacted but where were the Afghan govt and military? news are saying their govt fled and military didn't even bother fighting

  39. mmatteucig says:

    I have been vaccinated since Feb 2021Moderna. I await booster

  40. Doctor Joby says:

    Does Yang do this podcast anymore?

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