Advanced Credit Repair Tactics | How to Dispute Negative Accounts on a Credit Report

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Video notes:
So what I did was I changed the
flow chart to be more detailed here. So let’s go over this. All
right, so round one, if we’re starting with the higher gear,
we’re going to look at the date of last activity. Now, please
remember this is actually just an example. You do not need to
start with date of last activity. That’s just very simply where I
find the biggest ammo because if we go and look at me go through
my presentation to go find it if we go and look at it. Inverted
pyramid. We’re going to find that the biggest ammo for
Rounds. 1, through 5 are going to be date last active date
Last payment notice of dispute charge-offs monthly pays
collections, Lates & past dues. And then status update and date,
reported. Right? Your backups for Rounds four and on are going
to be balance payment history, high balance, past due method of
verification, transferred or sold, and then for collections
the limit and then, of course, we have to have a last resort
open date, type terms terms. Comment status details,
such as account limit and account number. All right,
you really only want to use this? Like I said as a last
resort, so keeping that in mind, this is just an example date.
Last active. If you want to different resources, you can go
to extra credit Suite,, slash hierarchy or / dispute –
reasons for more information on this. Okay, so Starting with
round 1, you’re going to have a couple different responses. All
right, these are like the only responses that you’re going to
get from them verified. No response. I don’t understand,
you know, the nature of your dispute or some other stall
tactic or scare tactic and then of course, you need a tactic to
come after them with all right. So we really only have a couple
of things that they can come back with right. Once again
verify correct data, updated information, you know, stuff
like that. They don’t respond at all or theirs. Want is a stall
tactic or stair tactics such? As I don’t understand, we won’t
reinvestigate contact the Creditor. We already verified.
This we think you’re working with a, you know, credit repair
organization or something like that. So let’s go over this one
by one. Okay. So with round one example, starting with data
less, active. Let’s say that they come back and say that it’s
verified. You can now dispute using a new dispute reason going
down the hierarchy. So if you’re using date last active, Were we
want to go and choose something else date of last payment? Okay.
So now we’re on Date of last payment. Let’s say that they come back
and say that it is verified again on the next one. You’re
going to go down one more payment history. Okay. So let’s
say that all three bureaus, reporting different information,
such as Equifax reports that you were late for March of like five
years ago, but, you know, Trans Union reports that was actually
April or February. You can use this to remove the entire
account. So if you’re disputing a charge off and you know, the
information is completely consistent from report to report
the data lies activity of the data as payment. We look at the
payment history, the payment history is there for a reason?
Okay. Everything has to be consistent. Everything has to be
the same. Okay, let’s go down one more. So the status update
or deal us reported. You’re going to find this information
on identity IQ. I will put the link to this, where you’re
finding this. Video. Okay. So so that’s the only site that I have
my clients use. Now, when it says verified, we do it again
date of first delinquency. So that’s different than just
disputing the payment history. When you’re disputing the
payment history. You’re going to find an accuracies in the
payment history itself.

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how to dispute negative accounts on credit report

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9 Responses

  1. Aaron Shorter says:

    Hello, You’re amazing! Appreciate all the great information and tactics. Let’s say you have multiple inconsistencies for one specific account. Is it best to dispute each reason all at once or individually?

  2. Sheldon Shaw says:

    Where can we get the full presentation please?

  3. SFSBusinessConsulting says:

    Nice! Good job KV!

  4. William Holmes says:

    Good Morning, is it common to have your score drop ~60ish points while they verify during round one, DOLA?



  6. James Campbell says:

    Do we need to opt out of everything before disputing

  7. James Campbell says:

    I just want to say you Are the best in the game with information! You deserve an award for what you are doing ! Not to mention your beautiful keep up the good work !

  8. Steve Borggreen says:

    Hello Kristin. I love you videos and have been disputing with all 3 bureaus for the last 4 months using factual based disputes. I went from 28 accounts disputing on Trans Union to 11 which are all student loans now, 14 accounts on Experian to 6 left and 7 on Equifax to 3 left now. My question is in one of your videos you briefly showed a letter to the CFPB you wrote. Can you post a generic letter to the CFPB like the one you write with some of the court cases to help you in getting the CFPB to look at your letter? Thank you again for all your knowledge and to help us, the consumer, get some of the power back in our hands.

  9. BLK MAGNETO says:

    Quick question…
    My debt validation letter was returned to me (the sender)…. Was delivered to collections P.O. box address as stated in their letter… And sat at collections P.O Box for 15 days before returned to me according to USPS
    Is this considered proof of no response after the 30day period? Thanks

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