Actors Who’ve Died in 2021 So Far

The world of film, television, and theater lost many of its greatest stars in 2021, leaving the world to mourn their passing — and honor their legacies. It’s always a tragedy when anyone passes, but those who lived their lives in the limelight achieve a rare form of immortality. The work of these actors who passed away in 2021 will always be with us, and through that work our memories of their contributions to the art of film will always remain strong.

From legends of the Golden Age of film to modern day screen titans, here are the actors we’ve lost in 2021 so far.

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Yaphet Kotto | 0:00
Jessica Walter | 1:20
Paul Ritter | 2:35
DMX | 3:29
Helen McCrory | 4:38
Olympia Dukakis | 5:20
Norman Lloyd | 6:17
Paul Mooney | 7:20
Kevin Clark | 8:28
Samuel E. Wright | 9:40
Robert Hogan | 10:44
Ned Beatty | 11:27
Lisa Banes | 12:28
Marion Ramsey | 13:27
Deezer D | 14:07
Barbara Shelley | 15:02
John Reilly | 15:48
Tanya Roberts | 16:28
Mira Furlan | 17:12
Gregory Sierra | 17:59
Cloris Leachman | 18:41
Cicely Tyson | 19:43
Dustin Diamond | 20:47
Hal Holbrook | 21:50
Christopher Plummer | 22:45
Trisha Noble | 23:59
Christopher Pennock | 24:50

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29 Responses

  1. 113 Doctor says:

    Im amazed at how many dr fuachi has murdered with cv19..,

  2. donHooligan says:

    How will the Peaky Blinders handle this?
    Aberama Gold will be heartbroken.

  3. pdaddah says:

    This is better than the local obituaries keep the channel up half of these are better actors dead than they were alive

  4. Gunzmith Dragonkind says:

    shouldnt you have waited til the end of 2021 to put this vid on the tube?

  5. Hugues Saint Louis says:

    Yo! How about using that inexpensive Google Translate to hear the pronunciation of "Joie de vivre", next time? = JOA(pple) D(th)E VEEVRE (silent "E" at the end). I know… french is not easy at all, but there is free tools everywhere on that new technology… you know? The WEB!!! 😉 2021 man, you have no excuse! Call me (write) next time. It would be a pleasure for me to coach you! Seriously. Anyway, my English is probably worse than your french, so don't be shy! 🙂

  6. Ada Marlem says:

    Will not have the problem of getting surgically redone to escape old age✅

  7. •Angel_ waters• says:

    Another one died in September. Rip Michael Williams. You will be absolutely missed.

  8. Scott Hullinger says:

    I've barely heard of most of these actors, and I'm glad.

  9. Anil Heendeniya says:

    "joy de veuvre"???? Ugh. It's pronounced "zhwah duh veevruh" (phonetic spelling)

  10. Ingrid Fong-Daley says:

    @1:55 I'm guessing you meant 'joie de vivre' but "Joy du Verve" sounds like a 70s character actress and I'm kinda digging it…

  11. Jeff Johnson says:

    You left out the fact that DMX died not long after receiving the covid vaccine!!!

  12. Echoch San Carlos says:

    You said Mira Furlan died at 65 but the subtitle says 56

  13. Jeanie LoVetri says:

    There are mistakes in this film. He said 65 when the screen said 56 for a woman's age. He mispronounces words, particularly foreign language words. There are a million people who do voice overs, why not hire people who are sophisticated or motivated enough to speak correctly? Who is the producer???

  14. Rick Lemanczyk says:

    "Joy du Verve"…give me a break!

  15. justinjoyit13 says:

    Did Malik have the jab?

  16. crzxr says:

    Joy de WHAT? Unbelievably thick human being reading this script!

  17. doc Kaos says:

    Shou, do a politicians who've died 2021 to cheer the masses up

  18. Geoffrey Tudor says:

    Can't believe you left Yaphet Kotto's role on Homicide, Life on the Streets to the last, and fleeting at that. His portrayal of G, the squad's
    Chief and moral lodestar, was so deep and complex, and the series of such quality and verisimilitude, it eclipsed his other roles (I first saw him in Alien). PS: Cloris Leachman played Frau BluCHer (cue the screaming horses), not Bluer.

  19. rblu0001 says:

    All I can hear is music. You need to fix the voice sound.

  20. jimjimyaitshim says:

    It just breaks my heart that people whom enriched our lives so much have now passed!

  21. Commie Tube says:

    Cause of death not revealed = vaccine

  22. Zorshyan Sailo says:

    ….. actress too… you should say…

  23. Sheldon Quamina says:

    Died in your sleep wow that’s how want to go just saying

  24. Kathryn Jordan says:

    I am 55 and I know most of these actors from watching their movies. May they Rest In Peace.

  25. Kathryn Jordan says:

    I've gone back to watching The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie.

  26. Free Rain says:

    Damn that was A LOT of "died in May" .. and January

  27. Susan Tunno says:

    What is with your grammar? The story is not So Far–it is To Date. Please fix this embarrassing language issue !!

  28. Rod Steel says:

    Liberal News Media: Everyone in this video, really died from Covid.

  29. Looper says:

    Rest in Peace

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