Actors Who Got Greedy, Then Got Fired

Advocating for a pay raise is tough in any profession, but it’s especially difficult for an actor working with a network on a popular show. Sometimes actors have managed to band together for better pay, and occasionally a single star can act alone for a positive result, but this is not always the case. There are many examples of actors who’ve asked for more money, only to be fired and replaced for future seasons. The same thing happens in the movies when a popular actor assumes they’ll be a shoe-in for sequels. You might be surprised how often this happens, actually. Here are actors who got greedy, then got fired.

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Hilary Duff | 0:00
Crispin Glover | 1:12
Laurence Fishburne | 2:24
Bruce Willis | 3:25
Sean Connery | 4:26
Lauren Cohan | 5:42
Suzanne Somers | 7:00
Terrence Howard | 8:06
Robert Duvall | 9:11
Rob Lowe | 10:06

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31 Responses

  1. Kathryn Cain Madsen says:

    So women and girls who want to be paid as much as men as boys are “ greedy” too? You don’t distinguish. Why is it greedy to ask for a higher salary if you are bringing in the money? Yeah, you mention it with John Ritter, but your title still suggests SS was greedy? BTW Willis was WAY better than Ford. Connery being replaceable? Ridiculous. Just sayin’ Duvall has it right. It should be more fair all around.

  2. Rodino Wright says:

    You forgot Marcus Chong who played Link in the Matrix. His character was written off after he asked for more money

  3. jon says:

    I hope Lazenby fired his agent.

  4. J.R Hawkins says:

    So I’m guessing $750.000 is the go to asking price in Hollywood lol

  5. JD Barr says:

    760k awarded for using his likeness. He asked for roughly a third of that? So uh, he won!

  6. Seanny D says:

    You gotta learn to pause.

  7. lee1davis1 says:

    Nice research

  8. RUFUS T. FIREFLY says:

    I personally thought Terrance Howard stunk in Iron Man. I was fine with Don Cheadle taking over the role. I never was a Suzanne Somers fan. She was one of the million actors and actresses who believed their own press and decided she deserved more money and she would get it because surely the show couldn’t survive without her. What they should’ve done – and she did guest star once – was bring Loni Anderson in. Roughly 100x hotter than Suzanne, and she could do comedy without having to act like a frickin idiot.

  9. Lucy says:

    You should ne careful how you frame actors as being greedy when the studios make more its defamatory

  10. XiXiPi Isacanine says:

    Hollywood is a home of sexual abuse and exploitation of vulnerable people. Screw them!

  11. Steve Taxpayer says:

    Bleeding-heart Hollywood liberals want everybody else to support socialist programs and policies but when it comes to their own compensation, instead of sharing, they want much, much more for themselves.

  12. Emm Aarr Pee says:

    I would've loved to see Terrance continue playing as Col. James Rhodes. He is a much better screen presence and also has a better onscreen chemistry with Robert.

  13. ProudKansan08 says:

    My late husband liked that show, "West Wing", I could never get into it, and from what my husband would tell me happened on the show, glad I never got into it. I, didn't know money was an issue with Rob Lowe, I heard it was because Martin Sheen started hogging the show and thought it was all about his character, and since he was Martin Sheen, he got his way and Rob Lowe became expendable. Laurence Fishbourne sure came a long way from Cowboy Curtis on Pee Wee Herman' show. LOL!!!

  14. Ro Ro says:

    The producers are the greedy ones, not the actors.

  15. Gisele Strauch says:

    what about the late valerie harper?

  16. 34stzoo says:

    Three's Company with Susanne Somers was outright bullshit! She was not GREEDY! She was the STAR of the show and the only reason a lot of people turned in.
    She asked for the same amount her co-star was receiving (Johnn).

  17. Deplorable Dave says:

    Black Widow actress, whatshername. Scarjo.

  18. J B says:

    Loren Cohen looks like she's going to go from attractive to ugly real quick.
    Like Kathleen Turner did.

  19. TrueBlueKing says:

    looks like crispin glover made out better than if he would of done the movie. Boss

  20. James Otis JR says:

    Bruce Campbell wrote 3 books about his career. In the second book, he explains the economics behind this. Bottom line: The production company gets paid half the cost per episode for the first time it gets shown, 25 percent for the second time. Then the show goes to another network and the production company finally breaks even. The profits come when the show goes into syndication. They can't pay more during production while they are losing money on the show.

    second consideration: anyone can play Gillian Andersons role of contradicting David DuChovny. Only David DuChovny can play the one guy in the FBI who believes what he says; that is the whole premise of the show. Same thing with Michael Weston in Burn Notice: anybody can play second fiddle; Michael Weston is established as the guy who got burned.

    the exception to this rule: Fantasy Island. Herve Villachaize demanded to be paid on a par with Ricardo Montalban. The studio laughed at him, and told him they would replace him with a guy who was his exact opposite. They hired a tall, older English butler type who calmly walked up to the tower and said "The plane" in a dignified manner.

    6 episodes. show off the air. Herve Villachaize brought more to the show than anyone knew.

  21. Jen Jen says:

    I’ve never watched Hilary Duff in another role but as Lizzie so it doesn’t break my heart that she didn’t want to continue Bc $35,000 an episode wasn’t enough. Wish I could say that’s my price for my occupation.

  22. Jason Cummings says:

    It's not greed to demand what you are worth.
    Bruce Willis was a bankable actor and well established so asking for 4M was not greedy.

    Actors and Music artist have always been screwed by the studios and/managers.
    You have the right to demand what you are worth and not always be determined by others.

    That's why some who were once employees are now Billionaires today.
    Your worth….Your reward…Your life.

  23. cary baker says:

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  24. Edward Fletcher says:

    Don Cheadle is so much better than Howard…

  25. Edward Fletcher says:

    Bruce Willis is a good actor, but he's a truly horrible person

  26. herrdoktorprofessor says:

    Duval should be very happy that he wasn't in that steamy pile of crap called Godfather Part III.

  27. Carlos M Aguayo Sr says:

    Whiny people… try making a living nowadays on $13.30 and hour!!!!

  28. David McConaughy says:

    How did compensation for actors, ceo's, and, worst of all presidents of charitable organizations asking for handouts get so high? Where did this trend come from? None of these people come even close to being worth what they're paid! Just like workers at Mcdonald's everyone's replaceable.

  29. Tausif ali says:

    I stand with the actors

  30. HAPPY 1984 says:

    Bring out the Guillotine !

  31. Looper says:

    Do you think any of these actors deserved to get fired?

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