ABC News Special Report: President Biden calls on large corporations to issue vaccine mandates

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced sweeping new federal vaccine requirements affecting as many as 100 million Americans in an all-out effort to increase COVID-19 vaccinations and curb the surging delta variant.


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32 Responses

  1. Barbie Blue 2 says:

    I wouldn’t dought of effeminate for males vaccinations to stop uprising and grow breasts in men

  2. Nadia Fodor says:

    what a load of horse shit. "The vaccines are safe and effective, but we need to protect the vaccinated." HUH? My vaccine is safe, so you should take it, but mine only works if you take it. But it works, its effective! again what a load of horse shit

  3. Sheepdog says:

    Biden can go to hell.

  4. Last Camper says:

    Biden’s unAmerican activities must stop.

  5. Dave Carr says:

    We are not his fellow Americans- he is the enemy of the people

  6. Ayrton Ralph says:

    Anyone got a compilation of biden saying vaccines won't be mandatory.

  7. Menace Muchmo says:

    Yes it is about protecting myself and family by not taking your vaccine and telling you joe Biden are not and will never be my president or the president of this great country I truely love, you sir are a fucking liar and scam, the greasiest scumbag to ever grace this planet is right there folks speaking loud and confused.

  8. Menace Muchmo says:

    It is not safe these are fucking lies all of it

  9. Menace Muchmo says:

    This guy is a puppet master anyone still buying up these liars bullshit deserve to reap there consequences but if you don’t want to take it you don’t have to

  10. Him Bike says:

    When does it take effect ?

  11. Spaz Monkey says:

    At a time when we need sane intelliget leaders we have a president who clearly has mental problems.

  12. Potter Charles says:

    Hitler also forced shots on his people.

  13. Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah says:

    Eff this devil

  14. L B says:

    He said “160,000 vaccinated are hospitalized PER DAY!!!”

    Do these people not understand that we AMERICANS CAN DO MATH!!!?
    Fuckin IDIOTS!

  15. meremortal says:


    This is the "forever emergency" business model

    1980: war on Drugs ~ $1trillion
    2001:War on Terror~ 6.4trillion
    2020: War on Virus~ $8trillion

    and business is GOOD.

    ******EVEN if EVERYbody got vaccinated, would you believe everything would go away finally and rise again? Do they talk about the details of what that looks like? If so, how does it make you feel when you hear it?

    These VACCINES are a BUSINESS.

    The UNVACCINATED DID NOT OVER CUT OUR HOSPITALS, ever ask or QUESTION (oh oops, sorry that's not okay these days) that NOT ENOUGH nurses and doctors are working right now? Of COURSE there are some hospitals that are "overwhelmed" because there are NOT enough workers. And THIS guy is blaming instead of getting to the SOURCE. HMM, SOUNDS FAMILIAR TO ME, his EXACT tactic and his WORDS and REASON sounds like a CLASSIC, TYPICAL, COOKIE CUTTER MEDICAL DOCTOR. WONDER WHERE HE LEARNED THAT FROM.

    DID YOU KNOW doctors make 25% off of EVERY. PRESCRIPTION. THEY. PERSCRIBE? THAT WAS IN 2013 I LEARNED THAT. It's 2021, there is A LOT MORE GOING ON NOW. It is their JOB to PERSCRIBE THEIR DRUGS, not just cause YOU, but BUSINESS.

    They are pinching us waiting for us to cave in.

  16. Amado says:

    The first issue we should discuss, and I contend it is far more insidious than Covid, is Joe Bidens abuses of power. He is drastically overstepping presidential boundaries. He is creating an extremely dangerous precedent. We should never feel forced to take anything, vaccine or otherwise. Especially since there isn't a solid reason for us to trust the vaccine. There isn't a reason for us to trust the companies that peddle the vaccine. Most importantly, we have no reason to trust the American government. The government's role, historically and constitutionally, is to represent the people. If this decision is representative of the people, why is there such a loud public opposition to this abuse of power? The logical answer is, Joe Biden does not represent the people. I don't care if you support the Democrats, Republicans, or any other party. This has caused legitimate concern in the hearts and minds of the American people. Joe Biden keeps proving he is irrational and deprived of the ability to make logical decisions with his power. Power that he was graciously given BY the American people.

  17. Stu says:

    Stop fucking lying you robot

  18. jcentricity says:

    Pandemic bringing out true nature of US government. Coronaviruses threat to US corpatacrcy economic order so the US corporation aka government is willing to take away our rights to protect their economic order. Wake Up America because soon all our rights will be taken away.

  19. Steven Goad says:

    Thank you Joe due to this new mask and vaccine mandates hospitals now or having problems staffing and some of the wings of the hospitals had to shut down.
    What happened to all those jobs Joe.

  20. Steven Goad says:

    I think about 100% of what this man, old man says is false.
    First he saying that it is the on vaccinated people were spreading it but facts have shown that fully vaccinated people get it and spread it there's no point to vaccines at that point then.
    This Old Man needs to be impeached and sent to nursing home.
    When he came into office he said he was going to be the most transparent administration and bring the country together, ALL OF HIS MASKED MANDATES AND VACCINE MANDATES ARE DOING JUST THE OPPOSITE.

  21. Heather ONeal says:

    Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. 1, 2 Q is coming for you!

  22. Skipleaf Leafdahl says:

    Admitt it Biden you hate all Americans!

  23. Jenny Cole says:

    So if vax ppl are safe what the point of divide the unvaccinated this guy has something wrong with him fr

  24. Jenny Cole says:

    This is really something else but border wide open and he’s trying to control the us and take freedom ya people need to stand up

  25. Colorado Productions says:

    Man these leftist numskulls dont like america and the freedoms we the people have

  26. Emma G. says:

    Be on the right side of history. Resist tyranny. Power to the people!

  27. Timmy Parrett says:

    How about all your illegals you invited in the the border?

  28. Mark Kasprzyk says:

    If it was trump you same idiots would be calling trump a dictator.

  29. stay up says:

    Keep the under 12s adrenochrome clean and pure. Then groom them to be the perfect citizens once the rest of us have expired from w.e they make up.

  30. Alan Gallardo says:

    I do not care what you say I well not take the shot

  31. Alan Gallardo says:

    U r crazy

  32. Money Magnetism Network says:

    So they GIVE money to large corporations that were allowed to thrive during the pandemic but small business are given a "loan". This is shit made to look like cake. Bail out the billionaires make the small business pay back what they get. You're a piece of shit Joe

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