ABC News Prime: Kids and COVID vaccine; Southern border controversy; "Hotel Rwanda" hero convicted

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  1. Cee Bee says:

    That's a rein not a whip freaking idiots

  2. marlon detorres says:

    The abnormal agreement conversantly stroke because prosecution maternally shock down a ambiguous cover. heartbreaking, abnormal creator

  3. Myron Gorsky says:

    Consider the potential side effects. Search Zapping, Dizziness and Vestibular. Search for no more silence. Carefully evaluate if you really need to risk this for a disease that has a high chance of survival. Consider if you really need to vaccine a child who likely has a near-zero chance of dying from the virus. Research Clemastine, Taxifolin and Ivermectin. Carefully evaluate, don't feel pressure, and watch out for little voices in your mind saying to get it, or that the vaccine is good and the subsequent dopamine hit that follows it. This is not medical advice, only your doctor can provide medical advice to you, nobody else is qualified to provide health/medical information other than your doctor.

  4. Nancy Goo says:

    Even the Dr who created the MRNA , Dr Malone says this vax is dangerous and don't take it!

  5. Fatihzade says:

    You can find videos of vaccine pandemic court case Prof Dr Serhat Fındık on my profile

  6. J G says:

    Graphene in experimental pseudo vax experimental transgenic genetics

  7. 2ndAmendmentGlock says:

    How long till they threaten to take our children if we don't inject them with their experimental vaccines.

  8. PureBlood77 says:

    How well of a job do you think the most popular President of all time is doing so far?

  9. Government is Violence says:

    show proof of covid

  10. Real Reason says:

    Save yourself and your kids. DO NOT Get this shot.

  11. Julie Casey says:

    Welcome to Beijing Biden’s world. All illegal immigrants are welcome no vaccinations are required unless you are an American citizen. When will people wake up and see he is killing our country ?

  12. Warren Yu says:

    Daily reminder the USA deserves covid

  13. Stan's World says:

    Imagine a VIRUS so Deadly you have to Take a Test to even know you Have it…..And Imagine a VACCINE so Desired, you have to be Persuaded, Threatened, Fired, Bribed, and Stalked to take it.. So what's not right about the Picture,,,..

  14. Albert Wesker 1969 says:

    (Insert triggering vaccine comment for fully vaccinated here)

  15. NeEd InPuT says:

    What a coincidence, they’ve poked most the stupid sheep. Now they’re going after the kids. And what better way then to claim so many are sick to scare dumb parents into getting it for them?

  16. Ray Zavorka says:

    Just forecast the weather! Your channel is Fake News. There is no science behind this post.

  17. Henry Michael says:

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  18. treatment of pneumonia and inflammation says:

    Make your diet very very strict for some days if you get affected with covid 19 and you needn't to be frightened of any type covid 19 virus or it's variants(if you apply this thing immediately and strictly after being getting affected ) . Read this phrase throughly it is my twenty years experience over the hell of pneumonia (when the doctors become helpless and the all medicines are worthless. What would you do then. The medicines are not capable to treat the primordial pneumonia. How they can treat this dreadful covid 19 caused pneumonia , there is only one thing, it is your body who has to fight with covid 19 or covid 21, so be prepared for that. And I make you sure on it that a human body has the capability to kill this virus, no matter how many forms does it change itself. Let's get ready to do so. ) I have lived the hell of pneumonia and inflammation so far. And the doctors prescribed me only things those were, antibiotic. They prescribed me more strong antibiotics when the first one stopped working . When all the antibiotics stopped working I had no way but controlling my eating habits to control the severe inflammation and excessive mucus problems . Because ayurveda described this thing. It is a natural thing to treat pneumonia and inflammation with no side effects.
    All the friuts, dry fruits, most of the grains [except wheat, gram or cheakpe] , all the lentils (except pigeon food or masoor dal) [ pigeon food means masoor dal not tuwar dal so don't be confused and avoid tuwar dal because it is inflammatory too] and all the vegetables(except green leaves ) and all types of vegetables oil(except mustard oil ) act like poison for a very sensitive pneumonia patient or a covid 19 affected patient(only in some cases because some patients' body act overwhelmingly on covid 19 virus ) because these things are most inflammatory and the main causes to make humans body inflamed . So avoid these things for some days if you get affected with covid 19.
    Covid 19 may affect you and you can face all types of it's symptoms , but it never be fatal for you if you follow these natural tips for some days after being getting affected. If you have a covid 19 positive test, control your eating habits for some days and take only all types of meaty foods( meat and eggs ) and you can use mustard oil or pure butter clarified to cook them otherwise eat them grilled or boiled. You can also have all types of pure dairy products(which are made from pure animal milk ) , white sugar, sea salt, red chili powder,all types of green leaves like spinach and lettuce,tea, coriander powder or leaves, , turmeric, products that made from pure wheat, masoor dal(pigeon food),Gram(checkpeae ), Mustard oil. Avoid all types of vegetables, Either it is a green vegetable or a root (besides green leaves) and avoid cabbage and cauliflower . It is a very strict diet plan but with this diet you can achieve zero inflammation within 10 to 15 days. To meet your daily needs of vitamin c you can take a half of lemon(lemon acts differently when it is consumed with different foods, with the suggested foods it never be a cause for inflammation ) per day. If you follow this tip for some days, covid 19 or it's variants never never be fatal for you in any case .
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  19. Danny Houston says:

    The reality of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left"

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