Aaron Jones: 2017 Cyber Security Round Up

Presented at the Phoenix Linux Users Group’s security session on January 18th 2018. Aaron Jones presents: “2017 Cyber Security Round Up”

The 2017 Round Up is an informative and entertaining recap of what has occurred during the year 2017 in relation to cyber security related incidents.

For more Information or to follow along with the slides go to:

About Aaron:
Aaron is an experienced Linux user with several years of teaching experience. He works in the industry as a software developer while also providing consultancy on cyber security related topics. His discussions are AZ Post certified for training credit for law enforcement and he prides himself on providing quality educational material that is relevant and topical. He has a Masters Degree in Intelligence Analysis with a focus in Cyber Security, is a life long learner, and prides himself on staying up to date with the ever changing field of cyber security.

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  1. Curly Beckster says:

    Great talk as always, I don't know why YouTube doesn't recommend this more

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