A Trusted Pill Turned Deadly. How Tylenol Made a Comeback | Retro Report

In 1982, after a mysterious killer spiked its pills with poison in 1982, Tylenol’s savvy response set a template for corporate crisis management. Subscribe to our newsletter for the history behind the headlines:

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37 Responses

  1. Amy jo Jinkerson says:

    how about a disgruntled employee

  2. LPS Commercials HD says:

    Acetaminophen is chemically similar to alcohols toxic byproduct Acetaldehyde which explains why high doses of Acetaminophen is associated with liver damage, just like Acetaldehyde

  3. Kolby Dickey says:

    Wait what

  4. Chippo says:

    I live in the Chicagoland area. My dad always told me it had to do with some woman who worked at Johnson and Johnson and was trying to kill her husband. I have no idea how he got that story.

  5. Geenahgee04 says:

    Where the heck did 40, years go? Thanks, for the anxiety attack.

  6. Jonathan Allen says:

    Now almost 40 years later, history is repeating itself for Johnson & Johnson…this time with their one-dose COVID-19 vaccine.

  7. Spitfire Last says:

    I know for sure who did it. But he died already.

    His name was James Hamric 1953-2011… My Pa'.

  8. Audrey Strouse // Venango EAS says:

    Do you guys have sources of the videos

  9. TeleManiak M. Wojtania says:

    This is like a movie

  10. Rafael Dejesus says:

    I first learned about this scandal during that one Forensic Files episode.

  11. Gabe3N says:

    Did he seriously just call Johnson & Johnson's recovery "The greatest comeback since Lazarus?" I'm pretty sure a man coming back from the dead is more impressive and great so to speak than redesigning the packaging for a pain reliever lol

  12. Amanda Rickert says:

    It's a joke that Johnson and Johnson actually cares about it's consumers. They are giving women cancer with their baby powder and that's recent. They knew for years that this was going on and were still selling their baby powder!!!

  13. PocketStation Man says:

    Good evening

  14. babygirl 99 says:

    I came here from Weird History

  15. 2 8 says:

    A similar case happened in England with baby food in the 1990s and a letter bombing campaign with Tesco in the 2000s. Both eventually were caught but neither of them had any connections with the companies they were just extorting the companies for money that's what I believe happened here.

  16. Jack Skoskiewicz says:

    Dam, Johnson&Johnson is the homie. I remember when i was a kid I got free popcorn at the store

  17. DarkestElemental616 says:

    2:26 What…in the HECK is a "cockroach-in-the-box type of situation"?

  18. Bee Child says:

    A comment on the video about the ice cream challenge on the spill brought me here

  19. malcorub says:

    Anybody else here because of a Public Relations class?

  20. Rose Bud says:

    I remember this. I was only 10, but lived in the area where this was happening.
    I remember hearing all of my family members frightened over this & tossing all of the tylenol out, as well as all OTC meds. No one really knew what was going on… It was a crazy time.

  21. Lyn Cressler says:

    I don't remember any of this ??? Oh my goodness !!! Horrible !

  22. Rachel Maynard says:

    I thought that they discovered a lady had poisoned her husband and laced a few Tylenol bottles with the same poison to cover her tracks…or am I thinking of a different medicine poisoning case?

  23. Steezboy3000 says:

    I always avoided clicking this video even though I love retro report because the thumbnail looks like a shitty ad

  24. Kimberly D says:

    It would have helped to collect the bottles to test them and then track were they were purchased from. Hopefully you could see what dates they arrived to the store and the batch numbers. But reasons like this are where better security measures begin.

  25. ferociousgumby says:

    That was the beginning of pill bottles that are impossible to get open (not to mention seals on everything else).

  26. Whatup GG says:

    I remember this and i was scared and made sure at 4 years old at the time to make sure my Dad threw out his bottle.

  27. healingv1sion says:

    Johnson and Johnson could have done waaay better on the baby powder thing

  28. lord ganesha says:

    the perfect crime. or marketing strategy.

  29. Nathan Ngumi says:


  30. legosmartz says:

    just relabel bottel suicide pills by tylenol (limited edition)

  31. Tristan says:

    how about they fingerprint the bottles? I honestly think it was a store restocker.

  32. Tammy Weaver says:

    My sister said she all she said at one time she said that had to happen in the factory where they make Tylenol and I believe that in four years for years I wouldn't take any medicine I couldn't do it I was so scared of it that I completely taken any aspirins or any time and if I did then I would panic I would have to panic attack and I just I was scared I was that scared on up until the doctors told me and I was 40 years old and I was 20 years old when that happened and I didn't take any more medicine until I turned 40 because I was a diabetic after that then I had to take my medicine I had to take diabetic pills

  33. J S says:

    I Heard Halloween was Cancelled in 1982 because of this

  34. Coco Butter Barbie says:

    Can you guys please cover the Stella Nickell case? It is somewhat similar to this one but very different ending, thank goodness.

  35. Mobzöller the Meme Guy says:

    Flush it all down the commode mkay

    My grandma still calls the toilet a commode

  36. Sterling Archer says:

    Oh, I thought they found the person that did it. Scary they are still out there.

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