A Quiet Place Emotional Death Scene of the Father HD

(Turn on english captions for subtitles)
Lee Abbott sacrifices himself to save his children.
All rights go to Paramount and it’s owners.

Soundtrack : Marco Beltrami – “A Quiet Life”


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17 Responses

  1. Anti-Nihilist Entertainment says:

    0:05 I still think this whole scene was destroyed by having background music. When I first saw this I was confused because he hadn't made any noise. Now after rewatching it I can hear the footsteps in the dirt. GREAT SOUND DESIGN. but then it was destroyed by how the music muffles the sound, which is the whole point of the scene

  2. Gael Chavez says:

    This is a dark episode of the office

  3. DiamondBerry says:


  4. Mr AngryEyes says:

    Damn kids always getting popular characters killed

  5. Ali Humood says:

    If am the dad am going to not put that thing I would fight him if I can

  6. 誰でもいたくないのさ says:

    i would have gone down swinging at the very least

  7. Brian Brian says:

    So how is he alive in Part 2 ?

  8. China_Sickness says:

    This acting along with the musical score is tear jerking but so good. This movie is honestly a masterpiece

  9. Arun Ramesh says:

    This is what happens when Jim Halpert takes over Schrute Farms

  10. UNCAGED-MONSTA says:

    I mean he coulda just screamed I LOVE YOOOOUUUUUUU

  11. Jellyman4 Boom47 says:

    I would've tried throwing the axe at a tree or something else,so I have the chance to get away instead of sacrifice.

  12. • bee coco • says:


  13. JustMark says:

    Girls: I can’t believe he didn’t cry at titanic. Do men even have feelings?

  14. allyrobinson says:

    I thought the boy died

  15. Devauna Auntwayne McFarlane says:

    Still think he didn't have to die so easy… could have screamed and kept the axe to at least try lol

  16. Edward Yo says:

    The music made it even more emotional

  17. Julyliah Russell says:

    Omg this is so sad especially like he says I love you I always loved you and their eyes were going to explode of tears awww
    I’m crying right now

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