A pedophile tries to SWAT me – Arron Jay Chard of Pencoed, Bridgend

A month ago, a GiBi fan named Arron Chard joined my server under the name “Big Tiddy Goth E-girl” and tried to manipulate me into wrongly accusing GiBi of pedophilia. He got banned for pedophilia himself in fewer than 2 days. I quickly forgot about his existence.

Little did I know that I was gradually consuming his mind, and yesterday he tried to SWAT me because he was convinced I was stealing e-girlfriends he found in those brief two days from him.

I’ve become pretty steeled against harassment from unseemly individuals like Arron, but I take any matter that puts my dogs at risk extremely seriously.

Thus, here is my friendly video report on the matter, rewarding Mr. Chard for his dilligence.

0:00 – Disclaimer
0:07 – Why I banned him
0:40 – Relation to GiBi
1:21 – One-sided obsession; lying about Isabella Janke
2:00 – Decides to SWAT me
2:38 – Who Arron Jay Chard is
3:17 – How he picks targets
3:59 – Convinced himself I cuckolded him
4:24 – Bad OPSEC
5:08 – Live on Twitch blasting the n-word
5:44 – Steam profile
6:07 – YouTube channel
7:08 – Other social media

Liquid Execute’s video of his racism:


His Discord ID:
Trepanation 0853

His Steam profile:

His YouTube profile:

His Facebook profile (privating as of 15 Oct 21)


His Instagram profile:

His PSN profile:


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30 Responses

  1. Chaka says:

    I feel the same way. I enjoy S E X, very underrated band.

  2. Drac Attac says:

    Putting innocent people and dogs at risk from swatting, that's some real low brow shit, and that ontop of p3do shit makes for a highly disgusting human. I'm glad he screwed it up and hope he receives just punishment for what he's done and his victims find solace and support.

  3. Vincent says:

    ''dropping the n bomb'' you lost me there

  4. Eggmond Chad says:

    Are you that guy who said you didn’t really have time for YouTube and couldn’t make many videos? I subbed since then when it was 200 now it’s at 5k I knew you’d grow you’re a natural brother.

  5. Paroxysm says:

    Subbed. If anybody put my cats in danger they better hope they're able to see another day.

  6. Peachy Peeni says:

    Of course he has the guy fox hat.

  7. bit of a horror cow you got there.

  8. jasper says:

    7:19 wait is that him lmao

  9. cobwebsalad says:

    I would be warry making videos on random internet spergs. This could easily be seen as harrassement and he could lead a flagging campaign against you. I'm not defending this person obviously just letting you know.

  10. What a fucking ghoul. Thanks for giving us the rundown on this waste of space, it's like he has no personality outside of what he thinks is cool on 4chan, and this is what you get.

  11. This guy might follow the Danny phantom shooters footsteps, he looks and acts the same

  12. Ziege Mann says:

    alright, to be honestly, I thought you were some sort of strange racist kiwifarms man at the first millisecond i saw you. Sorry about that, because I honestly really like your work and how very informative and respectful to everyone (whom isn't an INCREDIBLY bad figure) it is. Keep up the good work, and I wish you lots of luck with all of this.

  13. Juan V. says:

    Videos like this really help my self esteem. No matter what I am or how I see myself, at least I’m not this psychopath.

  14. Steve Delive says:

    bruh, you got like an army of angry slugs around you!

  15. Torres Santa says:

    i've been watching for a while and see how every stream trolling doesn't affect you. youre always unflappable and chill.

    its really sweet to me the way the 1 thing that angers you is putting your dogs in harms way you have such a good heart

  16. Sallow Dawn says:

    Arron has seen this video and privated his current Facebook's statuses and photos today.

  17. Club DOOM says:

    Someone should make a romhack of Paperboy on NES except it's Dawn handing out L's to everyone

  18. Edward says:

    Why would a man in his late 20's browse 4chan? The edgy thrill quickly fades once your teenage years end.

  19. SK Steele says:

    He should catch a charge for that. Swatting is attempted murder as far as I'm concerned.

  20. He sounds…exactly how I'd picture a man with no jaw does

  21. Play stupid games? Win stupid prizes. Good video: didn’t know you had a 4chan stalker too. We should chat about it sometime.

    And yeah, anyone attempting to SWAT someone is bad enough: doing so while knowing they have pets is worse. This boy needs to wind up in the same place as his daddy.

  22. - says:

    Man, what is it that's so irresistible about posting your real name and face on social media?

  23. ZopyrionRex says:

    These are the types of cockroaches that hide in the shadows of the internet.

  24. Bruce Jr says:

    I need to learn how this shit works lol this is very

  25. Not to get political but that’s the Patriot act working as intended by Bush.

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