A.K.A. the Death-Trap Challenge

What do James Dean and Paul Walker have in common? They tried to drive a Porsche too hard…. Back in the day though, the Porsche rear engine cars were fast, and people wanted that, but they always underestimated how….. problematic they were :S

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14 Responses

  1. The Starlight Alchemist says:

    Me, a sensible person:
    Where Tatra

  2. TR673 says:

    similar to your engine position slider, could there be a 'number of bricks placed in the front luggage space for weight distribution reasons' slider?

  3. Chromatic Schnitzel says:

    This was a very entertaining video, hopefully next time I wake up before 12pm so I can actually join in

  4. Ekai Min says:

    Originally I thought I was crazy for going with 220kw…
    I did have a test variant with 320kw which was a lot faster, but I deemed it not necessary because no one else had more power than me…. until fillman shows up with a massive v8.

  5. Michele C says:

    James Dean challenge? the first moron to overtake in a intersection? jk

  6. Mateo Sacco says:

    This was fun, specially the part where I ran out of brakes. Can't wait for the next one!

  7. Le geek de chépaou says:

    this track is so unforgiving, you need a beast of a car to do a proper lap

  8. Le geek de chépaou says:

    me when filman uses the le mans 67 map :

  9. SSgtBaloo says:

    Thanks! I needed some inspiration. I'm using the 100" (2.55m) wheelbase 1947 (mod) body. Since I'm not competing, I'm making it a '58 so I can have quad headlamps (that's when they became legal nationwide, here in the US). I always take notes when I watch your videos, but I'm never certain if I'm learning the right lessons. 😉

  10. BrokenUrsa says:

    And to think my favorite car is rear-engined. RR is a good way to make a deathtrap, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t fun right the way into the grave.

  11. fusca azul says:

    Neat video man ! soon enough evereybody needs to go the porsche way in automation

  12. fusca azul says:

    which f1 year are you now?

  13. Ses Sarma says:

    I don’t know why people don’t have transverse rear engine

  14. Ses Sarma says:

    Ooh my favourite

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