99. Rod Ferrell and the Vampire Cult Murders — Bela Lugosi's Dead

A vampire cult? In Kentucky? You bet, and it ends in murder.

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7 Responses

  1. Marilyn Jones says:

    I really enjoy your podcasts.

  2. Beaverius says:

    I've reached a point in true crime and in life where I automatically roll my eyes when someone mentions satanic rituals, but man this story in the 90s was always told with a bit of vampiric panic angle regarding Vampire the Masquerade. So much so that this is like the third podcast I've heard on this story that I didn't put two and two together that I was familiar until the rpg and the road trip to FL were mentioned. Anyway, I always love modern takes on classic cases because our zeitgeist is so different now and the narratives are always different! Stay spooky for a few more days

  3. Allecyn Griffin says:

    My husband lived in Eustis at the time of this murder and has shown me on google maps where he lived in comparison to the house this murder took place at and they are about 2 football fields length apart as the crow flies. So, he was asleep about 200 yards away when this happened!!

  4. Chelsea Dietle says:

    The double helix costume was from Never Been Kissed! Lindsey went as a zombie bride kinda thing in Mean Girls. 🙂

  5. ADC20032996 says:

    Did you say the defence did use the vampirism then that they didn't, or that they didn't when it came to sentencing?

  6. ADC20032996 says:

    Lois who?

  7. 86crud says:

    I think a couple people went as a double helix in A Cinderella Story. Maybe it was Mean Girls. I don’t know I have brain fog. I love you guys.

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