9 Most Common Credit Report Errors to Dispute for Credit Sweeps

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Today we’re talking about the 9 most common credit report inaccuracies for credit sweeps and I’m going to show you how to use them to get deletions. You can learn more about or schedule a call with me for a credit sweep at

We cover:
Missing creditor name and account number
Incorrect balances and collections
Incorrect credit limits
Collections wtih a credit limit
Late payments after the account is closed
Undated late payments
Incorrect account types
Date of last activity
Date verified discrepancies

Missing creditor name and account number – this is the least potent of factual errors to look for but can be used if there are no other factual errors. The credit bureaus may just correct or update it but you can contact the creditor if this happens to find out if the bureaus did their job with the investigation to begin with.

Incorrect balances – this is most common with collections because the debt collectors want to inflict as much damage as possible to the consumer’s credit score in order to coerce them into paying.

Incorrect credit limits – banks will often not report the actual credit limit and will instead report the high balance owed as the credit limit

Collections with a credit limit – this is a no-no. May inflict more damage to the credit score

Late payments after closed – If the account is closed or charged-off there hsould be no delinquencies after the close date. If the account’s close date is not listed on the report, you can get it from the creditor

Undated late payments – look for undated late payments – there’s no date, how do you know it’s accurate?

Incorrect account types – another common reporting mystery is when a charge-off is an “open account”. It’s impossible for a charge-off to be an open account.

Date of last activity – time stamp of when the account was last permanently delinquent

Date updated or verified discrepancies – when an item comes back as verified, don’t always believe it. It’s required to be updated when the account was verified and when it’s not, they did not investigate


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13 Responses

  1. HAWAII HARDY says:


  2. Bridell Gibson says:

    Is that true about CO reporting to bureaus…i have 2 accounts that have reported for 5 years, every month…I have a 685 median score…I can only imagine what it might look like if I could get those removed

  3. Krystyn Young says:

    If one bureau is reporting repossession, one is reporting none reported and the another is reporting foreclosure can that be deleted? There all report different date of last activity on the item.

  4. 9966jr says:

    I would like to know, what options do I have if there is no date of last activity for a late payment I want to dispute? And did you say that we could request that information from the creditor regarding dates?

  5. Trisha Williams says:

    You give the best information. Thank you.

  6. Rob Jackson says:

    I am interested in your service, but I am a combat disabled veteran with PTSD who got screwed by the Ex. Not mentally prepared to finish my disputes and also on a tight budget. Maybe you can help.

  7. Deborah Saddler says:

    Yes, another great credit Repair content video Kristen. Thanks so much.

  8. ChenaBeana says:

    My DOLA is inaccurate with the original creditor it has not been purchased by a third party. I want a deletion of course. Will this happen? And I send this to all bureau’s or the company or both?

  9. James Sydnor says:

    Love the way you explain all of your videos.

    I want to sign up with you ASAP

    About to get rid of the people I’m working with

  10. That Girl says:

    I have a collection with 2 different account numbers

  11. Jeremyah Hill says:

    I have one medical collection. Can you help. Your site states you don't help unless there are more then one collection account.

  12. Bridell Gibson says:

    I dont have late pays but I got years of CO reported to Experian and Equifax….navy fed and USAA have reported this for 3 to 4 yrs

  13. Lena J says:

    Kristin, the bureaus are not supposed to report dismissed bankruptcies are they? What is the best way to handle this?

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