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A lot of the questions you have can all be answered in this frequently asked questions area.


i’ve got a great comment here of an individual went from 556 to 750 on their credit scores okay their credit reports got these negative nasty erroneous items out of there got their credit scores up now they’ve got three three revolving credit cards that they’re utilizing and things are going excellent for them you could be next 609creditrepair.com we can do the work for the awesomelifegroup.com all right now and another individual is saying hey you know i’m building i’m getting negative nasty erroneous items off as well i’ve got my credit score out of the 500s into the 650s and i’m wondering hey brennan all right what credit cards might i be looking for with trade lines might not be looking for to keep building to get into that 700 that’s 750 okay so of course if you’ve still got negative nasty erroneous items you can send your 609 dispute letters you can send your collection validation letters but some credit cards that you might be looking at some trade lines you might be looking at so something that we’ve uh liked and we’ve talked about before self.ink formerly self lender that helps with your credit mix if you don’t have any installment loans okay if you don’t have any good on-time payment history and for installment loans whether they’re open or closed okay you might look into something like self that inc now you’re saying oh i’m bearing i got that i got that i’m working on my credit i got my negative items coming out i’m getting this negative nastyronious items out of there what about the credit cards the trade lines well if you’re interested in a store card okay you don’t have to have store cards but if you’re interested we’ll talk about that in a minute but the credit card that you might look into uh right out of the gate that might be in that ballpark if you’re sitting in the mid 600s right 650s like this 100 likes what what are you talking about it’s a big bank card capital one platinum capital one has a platinum card and there has there happens to be on this one and double check you know you never know and of course you know um you have to kind of do your little you know check in with the banks and see still have this promotion you still have this credit card you think that i might qualify this is what my credit score is they can kind of give you a ballpark without necessarily pulling your your um credit you know they usually can kind of say oh yeah yeah yeah you might be good to hear them because they’re in the business of trying to do business right they’re trying to do business all right so you might be interested in a capital one platinum credit card it might be useful for you depends on you and your situation your budget but they this one right now says no annual fee and in about six months because they know people are building credit in that situation in about six months they’re willing to reevaluate and potentially increase lines of credit just make sure you know there’s no hard enquiry for you if you don’t want to get another heart of choir or whatnot again always you know double check with them hey you don’t get it hard acquiring this no no no it’s a soft choir or yes it is and then you have to decide what’s right for you but they know hey this is individuals that come in this potentially has no annual fee it’s a big bank they are available to look into increasing your credit line in six months if they feel like you know it’s working out right this is a possibility capital one also has another card that gives you cash back people are familiar with the quicksilver card what they might not be familiar with it’s the quicksilver one card quicksilver one so capital one quicksilver one this is for individuals that are you know building you know maybe in those mid 600 tier this also has that ability to in six months to potentially increase the credit line but this one has an annual fee so just double check make sure it works for you i believe it also has a 1.5 cash back

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