7 Steps to Boost Your Credit Score

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Whether you want to build new credit or increase your credit score, this video will tell you everything you need to build your credit score to 800 — or higher.

We’re covering everything from what is an excellent credit score to how to check your credit score to credit score tips. If you’re ready to improve your credit score, start watching!

Get your credit score FAST:
How to dispute credit card errors:
Additional guidance on disputing credit card errors:

Want to pay off credit card debt? Get our “5 Days to Debt Free” mini-course:

Just starting your journey to financial wellness? Here’s what you need to know:

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how to dispute a name on your credit report

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  1. CREDITMASTERFIX. COM got my credit report clean. says:

    I amhappy my score is in its 800's all thanks to credit experts.

  2. Wuraola says:

    Fixing bad credit is very importnant.. You should use a professional

  3. Reynard Oliver says:



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