7 Reasons Your Credit Score Might Drop!!!

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30 Responses

  1. Darryl Smith says:

    she is so pretty and has a great financial mind.

  2. abel casilla says:

    You have to love her I like the way she explained everything she’s a love love you girl so beautiful

  3. Mason Benard says:

    Luxuryhacks⏺net improved my score to 760 today…

  4. Irvin Garrett says:

    Intelligence and Flawless beauty…

  5. Pino Amerikano says:

    AWESOME info but Im noticing different advise far as inquiries dropping off. People either say 1 or 2 years. Can you clarify?

  6. MANNY TAZZ says:

    My Credit Utilization went from 37% to 24% with a 10k primary tradeline, yet my credit scores went down an average of 10 points. This is not one of your 7 reasons. What do you think happened here?

  7. Henry Moore says:

    hello there,thanks to DUMPSGURU on telegram who helped me fix my bad credit score in a short time up, I'm in your debt for life man!i can now get good loans..

  8. infinity nadine says:

    i applied for a credit card to help improve my already fair credit score because I am young and this is my first card but I have loans with no late payments and then it dropped!!

  9. Make ItRight says:

    One of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

  10. Herny Thomas says:

    I bought a cc from @Darkdan2 on telegram best vendor I know and very trustworthy.He sell cc,fullz,Ban

  11. Mahmoud Bin Garad says:

    I have a hard inquiry on my account still from 2011. I just pulled my report from credit Karma and the hard inquiry is still there 9 years later. Do they not dissapear after a while?

  12. BetterThanEmril says:

    So basically put yourself in a bunch of debt but just be responsible with it.

  13. The Bull 100% says:

    Here's the thing lenders fill their pockets with the interest they collect from the poor, when the lender reports to the credit bureaus you score slowly goes up then when you pay off the debt your score drops so lenders can make more money the next time you borrow it's a pathetic situation even if you pay & never miss a payment as soon as the account is closed your score drops its a scam designed by the rich to keep the poor down even if they pay right. American oppression at is finest.

  14. Natalie says:

    So your score goes up when you take out (and successfully manage) a loan, but your score drops when you pay it back? How can that benefit you long term? You have to keep taking out loans? Loans charge crazy interest and I hear that some charge you the full interest even if you pay it back early. Please elaborate.

  15. shannon roy says:

    Recently my fico score went down 40 points because the credit union that I had my car loan through closed the account but it was an account that I finished paying off years ago probably six years ago or seven years ago and I didn’t have a single late payment everything was on time but I guess because I didn’t use them anymore they close the account. How do you avoid That and how can I work to get those 40 points back it was a big hit

  16. Julian Montez says:

    Intelligent and beautiful. Thank you, you really helped me I'm on a mission to raise my credit score.

  17. The Legnd says:

    god she is so beautiful.

  18. TRUMP WON BY A LOT says:

    Skip to 1:10 to avoid the intro and blurb . . .

  19. Ronnie Mundt says:

    Proper card utilization is everything I must say. My credit got a good boost via a group of credit repair expert on telegram CraigStephenson 702 3 4 2 1 4 2 7 who actually helped my husband and I repair our credit by pulling off all our negative items including long term inquiries and collections, getting our score up by 200 and 155 points. It was Mind blowing.

  20. Audrey Swanson says:

    super helpful thank you!!

  21. Quick Dubbs says:

    Recently, I experienced, this one here. I closed, one detroit credit union. After I was giving and $1500 increase on my visa credit card. A couple days, ago I saw on credit sesame, my score dropped 32 points! That is a bad habit I really need 2 break.

  22. Margaret Gines says:

    Thank you so much for your advice. I just paid off all my credit cards but one but I also just paid off a personnel loan. As you have explained, logically it makes sense to want to pay off our bills and be debt-free but unfortunately, that's not kool. I do have two other loans, one that will be around for a while so the mix of credit makes sense. You have squared me away.

  23. Jesse Lleras B. says:

    You can reverse late payments by sending letters and fight for it. Some people go to credit repair and get it fix. I’ve seen people late payment reversed. Even bad credit can be reversed.

  24. Musclerocker says:

    I got two new credit cards , within two months i had 805 then went down to 789 would that do it? Or the economy would do it ?

  25. Mellisa Ryan says:

    I got an increase of 172 to my credit score in few days, thanks to Tom. You can hit him up on 5 1 2 7 7 8 0 0 3 9, he is a credit expert.

  26. Chloe ASMR says:

    Can you speak a little slower next time you're voice is annoying!

  27. Jesus Garza says:

    Bruh! I literally PAID OFF ALL MY DEBT including student loans and my credit score dropped from 616-584! Like bruh!!! Why!!!

  28. checo esparza says:

    MissBe_beautiful, wow,

  29. Johnny Tekstar says:

    My utilization is 2% I always pay on time and never use my cards between the due date and the statement closing date, and they still took 3 points off. Makes no sense at all to me.

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