7 Days to Die | Settler's | Ep22 | Single Player Live

Support the stream: 7 days on console xbox and ps4 ! big bases and tutorials!
Episode 1-


Facebook! –
Twitter! www.twitter.com/skippy0330

Public 7 Days server:
Visit www.skippy3.com for current info, use ip and port at top
Supporters use www.gamewisp.com/skippy0330 to help support further server development


My build!
Corsair 760t
ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero –
Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 Gb kit – (2x16gb)
I7 Kaby Lake 7700k
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme, 8GB GDDR5X –
AIO Coole

Elgato hd60pro internal card
astro A40 w/deck



A15 playthrough:

True Survival SDX:

Ps4 Playthrough (First season) :

How to mod:


Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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23 Responses

  1. TheTPMidna says:

    I noticed Episode 21 is not uploaded…is there a reason?

  2. loki the jokester says:

    Is this play thru on ps4

  3. Wolfeblade 24 says:

    In Squirrel we trust

  4. Dave Scheffler says:

    World peace skippy!

  5. Frankie Bruan says:

    From Neebs gaming and just reinstalled this on PS4 to give it another shot. Subbed

  6. Azrdraco says:

    Came over from Neebs as well. Hello! 😀 Subscribed.

  7. flying munk89 says:

    Subscribed seen you on needs gaming.

  8. Jay Wesley says:

    Neebs sent the squad!

  9. SkateaTree says:

    Skippy, use those bob Ross skills and paint a giant Neebs mural. You could teach them so much if you could join them. You could be a baseless wanderer that they stumble across and bring you in. Could? Should is more like it

  10. Ethan Budg says:

    sup skippy I have come over from neebsgaming and am now a subscriber keep up the good work man

  11. Dustin Yancey says:

    came here from neebs

  12. Dyslexic Fonga says:

    And when people die of hypothermia the brain just before they die tells them you are extremely hot scientists have not been able to figure out y but that’s your dayly fun fact

  13. Dyslexic Fonga says:

    Hell yeah you got a lot of Aussies

  14. S.J Music says:

    Hi Skippy

  15. Avery hulsey says:

    Hey I saw you from needs podcast. I’ve been watching some of your videos and I got to say nice and you are funny. I plan on being a subscriber for a long long time. Happy holidays

  16. Quentil says:

    Saw you on Neebs' Commenting on Comments, and thought I'd check out some of your videos. I'm a big fan of 7 Days as well. Thanks for the awesome content~!

  17. Pocket Fox says:

    Neebs gaming brought me here, so I subbed :3

  18. The Russki Carl says:


  19. Troy Nunya says:

    Bro thanx for turning me on to neebs!!

  20. MZA Method Man says:

    Here as an ambassador of the neebs comment section…………….*formal cough*, dont get Thick'd and also………..penises (i personally "Appsro" alot)

  21. Kakuri0 says:

    Hey skippy I have come over from neebsgaming and am now a subscriber keep up the good work

  22. Riablo says:

    You got mentioned in neebs newest video

  23. Mark .C says:

    Shit what happend man. Im confused after a hard day of working im back home and playing lords and everyone porting away.

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