7 Credit Score Mistakes to AVOID (Don't do this!)

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7 WORST Credit Score Mistakes to AVOID

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0:53 Mistake 2
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how to dispute things on my credit

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24 Responses

  1. Life with ChrysanyC says:

    Business class doesn’t cost anywhere near 20 or 30k .. most anywhere around the world are between $1500 – $4000

  2. Chusan Chusi says:

    5 years into his/her career, living in dallas, makes 500k per year. wow!

  3. Alexander Figueroa says:

    My credit dropped a good chunk because my student loans reflected it as well as the purchase of my house. Im around 650 but i want to get back into the 700s

  4. Hannah garal says:

    In terms of clearing bank loans and increasing credit scores Viperspyhacks on google is your chance to make‬
    ‪things right
    ‪I hated my self for wasting so much time I should have just headed to them first

  5. Hr 18 beast says:

    amazing concept but they helped me out

  6. Richard Servello says:

    Let's not praise scalpers please.

  7. Richard Servello says:

    I went from 630 to 830 in a few years with really simple steps. Pay statement balance when it shows up. Simple. I just got upgraded to Amex platinum this week.

  8. Raynman Plays says:

    "I'm going to get this credit card and not touch it and that will help bring up my credit score more than using it would."

  9. P G says:

    You forgot to mention that you must only use about 30% of your potential loan limit. I made a big mistake by often paying off 100% of what I owed every month but it was because I was using 65% that they dinged my credit score.

  10. Charlie says:

    just 30k lol that's good money here in VA

  11. Marcel Hoskins says:

    I went from 480 to 607 in about 11 months. I paid off 1 of the 2 collections and that one was removed. I got a capital one secure card with a $200 deposit. I made on-time payments for 4months and got a quick silver with a $300 limit. Got a self lender loan and make payments every month. I try to keep my usage at 50%. I’m trying to keep it at 20% for the next year. I hope to be at 660 by summer 2022 if possible

  12. purp says:

    I have a $200 limit discover secured card, I spend around $13 monthly and pay off right when bill is available. My utilization on my credit says 0% Is that a good thing or bad? And what should I do?

  13. IAN ROBERTS says:

    This is spot on an should definitely be taught early on in life.

  14. dan theman says:

    Which button do I click to start a rental empire? I currently have an empire of cats and the monetary ROI just really isn't there despite the popularity of cats on YT. So yeah, a rental empire would be great until these little furballs get their shit together. (i'm looking at you mr. whiskers…)


    Going to finance a car and the dealer done ran your credit through 12 lenders and you wondering how of you went to one dealership lol this happens to alot of people

  16. Tayyab Kolby says:


  17. ORHAN TR says:

    Very true

  18. George E Grant says:

    Why did my score drop 26 points after o paid off my credit card to $0 and have not closed any account?

  19. Serbian SunDevil says:

    If you have credit cards maxed out try to get the balances under 90% first i did that and my score jumped from like 530 to 590.

  20. Ozcan Kaya says:


  21. Marie Charles says:

    This should be taught in HS. In college i was bombarded with CC, which I knew nothing about. My parent didn't either. There's so much information out there and some are not good ones. Considering you all of a sudden become an adult after HS and everything is in you, then you should be taught this to prepare us.

  22. Graciel Menor says:

    Hi Sebby, very informative content! We are in escrow and trying to maintain and boost our credit score. Out of curiosity, when's the best time to pay the "minimum payment or due date?" I've always paid mine at least 2 days before the due date. Is there a sweet spot on when to pay it each month? Thank you! I just subscribed from your channel:)

  23. Megha Bhongade says:

    Does the buy now pay later in easy installment trend impact your credit score? Especially for someone who don’t have enough credit history and if your existing credit card (say Apple Card) provide option to pay in east installment?

  24. Tom says:

    How much do you think a $0 collections balance effects credit?

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