609, VOD (Validation of Debt), 623 or 1681 Method?

Wednesday night series – #4: Which letter and law do you use? 609, VOD (Validation of Debt), 623 or 1681 Method? Once you learn which law pertains to your derogatory account, disputing becomes easy! Check out the uses for the VOD (Validation of Debt) letter vs. the 609 template and you’ll see that they’re pretty similar except for the fact that the VOD is to a collection agency and the 609 is for the bureaus most of the time.

Although it can be confusing to determine what’s what and whether one letter type should be used over another, as long as you can break down the basics, the only difficulty you should have is just waiting for your results!

If you’re with a credit repair company that only uses templates to dispute your negative items, you might as well be doing it yourself, so check out this video and the other tutorials to get your file started.

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Please watch: “Do I Have to Pay Back Deleted and Charged-off Accounts on a Credit Report?”



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15 Responses

  1. Sallalee4312 says:

    Hello, I hope all is well. I have 3 items in collection and I’m so upset about it. I had been working on my credit for a little over a year now, got everything out of collections, minimized my debt, paid loans off, increased my on time payments etc. everything I’ve needed to do, I’ve done. Now all of a sudden liberty mutual sends 2 times to collection after I made a payment on both policies, I’m talking 30 days after payment was sent to them they popped up in my collection bill. A very poor dentist facility also sent a bill to collection with my name spelled all types of wrong. Now my credit score decreased by over 100 points making me start basically from where I was a year ago!! I literally cry every time I think about how all this hard work & sacrifice became irrelevant. I saw a couple videos including yours about a VOD. I was wondering if this will help me take this stuff out of collections?? Please help

    Thank you

  2. Xtreme says:

    I have a 1 collection on my credit file and 2 "late payments" that i will need your consultation on.

  3. Cecrete Peach says:

    How do you know when to dispute with the creditor vs disputing with the Credit bureau? Can I dispute with the bureaus only?

  4. Expert Credit Sweeps says:

    View the most recent videos at https://www.youtube.com/expertcreditsweeps – I've shared over 350 of them with you! Get faster results, higher credit scores and an overall shorter dispute duration simply by following my formulas. If you need help with your dispute letters, you can also submit your letter for help with the new series at goesto.xyz/letter-help

  5. Mighty Mel V says:

    I have paid charge offs on my credit whats the best letter to send to remove them,thanks in advanced

  6. Fierce Meditation says:

    How can i remove Hard Inquiries it would be amazing if you could do a specific video about that!

  7. DONE Last says:

    Can you send VOD letters to the lawyer that's representing the original credit card creditor? thanks great video!

  8. Jiyeon Aguilera says:

    Hello there, I have 2 open accounts from 2 different collection companies. One from Enhanced Recovery and Midland Funding. I haven't heard from them in years due to moving out of state etc. Which form is right for me to send to collection companies? Please help!

  9. Parelle Martin says:

    Where can I find these letters at?

  10. MrJules says:

    Using the 623 Method, i asked Chase for the Original Signed Contract, and i was provided with an Internet Application. Does this count as Verification and Proof of Original Contract??

    Also, Is it Normal for a Highest Balance to be reported as Higher than the Credit Limit for a Charge-Off Account when there has never been any Credit limit Decrease?

  11. Jordana Elise Cole says:

    I just discovered your videos after months of confusion watching other videos that give conflicting info! I really feel like I've finally found someone I can listen to with confidence that I'm not being steered in the wrong direction. That being said, I have a major issue on my hands & I was wondering if u might have any advice, any recommendations on where to conduct further research, etc. Here's the issue: I got bullied into signing up for a trial with a credit repair agency. It's a long story so for the sake of brevity I'll just say it was a disaster- they disputed EVERYTHING on my reports including POSITIVE trade lines that were PAID, & they put me right in the sights of good old LVNV. Now LVNV is threatening to sue me!! WHAT CAN I DO??

    Thanks so much for your time & these great videos!!

  12. etaylor38 says:

    Is there proof this worked? And what letters you used?

  13. Kimmeco Carter says:

    You are just incredible with your knowledge on credit. I'm going to send off my letters this week. I'll keep you updated on my results, thank you mam. Keep up the good work!

  14. Tyrone byrd says:

    loved the video

  15. Jordan Albright says:

    Hi I only have 2 collections on my credit that needs to go. Midland & Sprint. HELP!

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