6 Different Credit Dispute Methods to Remove Accounts From a Credit Report

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Today we’re going over 6 different credit dispute methods to remove negative accounts from a credit report, as well as their differences and how they effect your ability to obtain deletions, updates and other results. We’re covering factual disputes, 609, identity theft credit sweeps, and a few others.


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All right, so what we are looking at is very simple going to be dispute methods. And we’re talking about methods. I’m not really talking about letters per se, I’m literally talking about methods. And I’m going to explain why. So we’re very specifically talking about a couple of them. Okay, so we have identity theft, the 609 623, unknown 1681 factual disputes. And there is another one is the 603. And we’ll talk about that one as well. Okay, so I hope that everyone is here. If you need to watch a replay, you can do that because you purchase a ticket. So if you are watching the replay, either way, I welcome you, this was live. Alright, so first thing that we’re going to talk about is the fact that these once again, do not mean letters, we’re specifically talking about methods. And I’m kind of breaking it down this way, because everyone thinks that they have to send a very specific letter for each negative item, and it doesn’t work like that. Okay. So what this means is that you can use the 609 without sending a 609 letter, you can use 1681 without sending a 1681 letter. All right, so you could put all of this under factual disputes. So if you’re wondering what factual dispute is, let’s just start right there. So so that we’re not traveling backwards? a factual dispute is a dispute letter that you are writing based off the facts reporting on your credit report, right? So when you’re disputing a charge off, you’re going to start with the data last activity most of the time, right? You’re taking those dates directly from your credit report, they’re in disputing, factually, because it is the actual information that the creditors and the Bureau’s are reporting on your credit report. And that’s why you get that is why you get the result because you are taking the information that they are reporting and sending it right back to them, right. Okay, so now, I do want to mention that with identity theft, I am explaining this. But if you are not a victim of identity theft, if your client is not a victim of identity theft, you should not be using that method. Why? There’s a couple of reasons for this.

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