6.21.18 Social Media & Social Wellbeing Can We Strike a Balance

Social media and other attention-based internet platforms have certainly captured our attention: adults in the U.S. spent nearly six hours per day on digital media last year. The business model of many of these digital platforms—targeted ad revenue—is relying on user data collection, AI and other technology tools, design, psychology–even neuroscience–to keep users glued.

At the same time, there is mounting concern that high levels of time spent online can have adverse effects on health, productivity, and happiness—including distracted driving, depression, and structural changes in our brains.

Where will this lead? What would it look like if the positive opportunities that innovative online platforms offer were more balanced for social well-being? What will it take to achieve a win-win?

Come participate in a lively and thoughtful discussion with Vivek Wadhwa and Alex Salkever, authors of the upcoming book, “Your Happiness Was Hacked.” Moderated by Alison van Diggelen, BBC contributor and host of Fresh Dialogues.

Alex Salkever, Author; Product Consultant
Vivek Wadhwa, Author; Distinguished Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley
Moderator: Alison van Diggelen, BBC Contributor; Host, Fresh Dialogues

Hosted by: Ford Greenfield Labs Palo Alto


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