💰 $50k No Credit Check! Guaranteed APPROVAL! 💰 CITI FLEX LOANS

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Todays video i will teach you how to get the CITI FLEX LOAN.
My Article when I Created the First Cloud Credit Software for consumers.

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DIY Credit Repair Software

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DIY Credit Repair Software

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how do you dispute a negative on your credit report

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22 Responses

  1. The least I can do is offer you sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your help really came in handy for me at the time, when I desperately to buy me a house. Thank you once again Alexander, and I know that this sincere help of yours will not be forgotten soon.

  2. Sue Black says:

    I get denied all the time I have to many inquiries and just making more trying to get a loan how do I get my inquiries off

  3. check this platform 5.05 % per week

  4. Okay let's see what you got

  5. Always get my grant from my lender Alexander. He offers the best rate. I’m up to $150k grant without affecting my credit.

  6. With the help of the loan, I will have the ability to open my business because I need money to start a business. Initially, my grupo members received money from their sources but computers and mobiles directly from the franchise without going to a shop for repair. (MY LENDER’S NAME IS ON MY HANDLE)

  7. I am writing to thank you for your support to the Institutional Grant Program, as administered by Alexander which is the beneficiary of funding through Alexander and the Trust Fund.

  8. Dcizzle100 says:

    @CreditCoachQ – What if you don't have a Citi credit card but you have a Lows, home Depot, Best Buy ect. card that is through Citi? Will that still work?

  9. CreditCoachQ says:

    link to website below
    Schedule a FREE 30 minute credit consultation

  10. Great information thanks a lot.

  11. This video was very educational and informative I really appreciate the way you explained everything and I love what you are doing for the community My Hope Is that this channel grows greater and greater as the days go on you are a big help to many people. Also not buying a hellcat. Lol.

  12. Alex Alex says:

    Can you get the credit card before being a customer? I assume >700 score is good, even if alot of inquiries

  13. Sheene Mark says:

    How can I schedule a consultation with you?

  14. I wish you added pictures. I'm a visual learner and it will make it look more engaging.

  15. Hey I just found you n subbed. I'm watching the video over to fly understand how to get this loan!

  16. Hello,
    1. Is this for a business card or personal card?2. How long after you open up the account do you have to wait before you apply for a credit card?
    3. Can you get a pre approval without a hard inquiry?

  17. Apply Now for your urgent loan.

  18. have you heard about the hhs grant ?

  19. Feelgood Jr says:

    Thanks for the info bro. Keep your head up and your eyes on your prize. God bless you

  20. LTC Gaming says:

    How long does it take for everything to fully come off ?

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