In part 1 of 2 videos, I am going to give you 5 reasons way that credit card companies keep you poor. And this has more to do with you than the credit card companies themselves.


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00:00 The bad side of the coin
01:35 Hit a like for the algorithm
02:17 How to get a credit card with bad credit article
04:05 1. You don’t have a budget
06:40 2. Credit cards discourage self-control
07:33 3. Interest is expensive
09:06 4. Financing encourages more spending
10:17 5. It leads to bankruptcy
11:45 They aren’t bad, but it’s not for everyone

#CreditCards #Money #Millionaire


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29 Responses

  1. Ryan Jackson says:

    This is facts, I only use my cards to fuel my car up for delivery driving and that pays for itself

  2. NoFace Rapper says:

    Affirm and Klarna are all on the retail clothing sites. Don't do it! Great video

  3. Mel Washington says:

    @ After hours w/ anton Daniel's Hey Anton can you leave a link for the rich bully merchandise

  4. lionel celeste Plays says:

    certain States, cities you need a credit card in order to rent an apartment Or by a condo. You have to teach how to use credit responsibly so that you can reap the benefits rewards of having credit telling people not to have credit or to pay off on time sometimes is actually bad advice because some people will not accumulate the good kind of credit that's needed for them to upgrade their financial record.

  5. BIG SEAN says:

    Another Gem Fam!

  6. MelvinMadeDx says:

    Can I someone help me? I’m 19 and just got approved for my first credit card and it’s coming in the mail in a few days. What is the very first thing I should? I’m trying to build my credit from zero. Any advice?

  7. darren Money says:

    Patreon subscribe

  8. Tevon Hennesy says:

    Carrying a balance does not charge interest. Pay your bill on time. The dye date and statement date are important

  9. Raymeester says:

    Anton: "…and this is on a reputable site."

    Still Anton: " ..this is CNN."

  10. Aliamore Powell says:

    Would be nice to hear how to build/establish great credit without credit cards!

  11. Jevon Lloyd Finance says:

    Discipline is the most important thing here. You shouldn’t be anywhere near a credit card if you can control your spending. If you are someone that spend spontaneously then don’t do it to yourself. I’ve never paid a penny in interest on my credit card always pay off the balance in time. The only time they get money out of me is when I do balance transfer. And I ALWAYS use that money to do some business never for non income generating spending.

  12. Kyle Adams says:

    You need credit cards in life nowadays the only reason I have credit is because of credit cards if you’re going to educate people on it educate them on the whole thing

  13. Kyle Adams says:

    Never use your credit cards for something you can’t pay off in one shot or else you’re gonna screw yourself it’s really not that hard to figure out

  14. Kyle Adams says:

    Never carry a balance over credit cards out to give you an extra 30 days to flip your money you pay it all off in the first bill comes in

  15. Kyle Adams says:

    I had a 749 credit score for years ago and have not missed one payment on anything since I know it’s a good score So good credit does not always equal the best rates I’m living proof of that

  16. Kyle Adams says:

    If that’s so true then why do I have a credit score of just over 800 and my APR rate is 29.99%

  17. Wally says:

    I know you are speaking the truth here I know someone going through it now trap like a sucker but they constantly do it to themselves

  18. Harry Boyed says:

    I use my credit card for pretty much all my purchases and pay it immediately back as a entrepreneur that jus got a card it my points went up 66 points in one month based on my utilization,

  19. Smooth Kingpin says:

    Now I’m about to take some money from my savings and pay off my credit cards

  20. Jonathan Dilin says:

    Would be very interested to see what you do with credit, if you have a cc or not, what limits you like, how you use it, how you budget. Etc. just started making some good money and eliminating debt and interested to see how successful individuals like yourself budget monthly/annually. Thanks.

  21. Darell says:

    I only use credit for leverage to grow my business other than that? I don't think anyone should be using a credit card if they don't have a plan

  22. Demario Don says:

    I listened to every single video daily you posted I’m a 9-5 Cna working my ass off paid off my all my debt now looking to invest more into my career started to go into nursing school but I don’t want to pay that loan I rather work hard labor for 16 hours for the next 2 years investing into my craft & passion and making my passion an asset and making my asset bring me more assets all money in no money out I cut off all liabilities but my family responsibilities driving an 06 Audi for the next 3 years growth requires comfortableness

  23. The Wealthy Educator says:

    Good stuff my brother. My wife and I haven’t paid a dime of credit card interest in around 5 years.

    We just got around 121,000 American Airlines points on 2 separate credit cards by buying a $.79 Big Gulp on each one.

  24. Ice Man X says:

    I love this video!! I married this chick and I was going from one level to a whole other level.. I allowed her to strap me in debt.. Its not like I can't get out of it.. I came to a realization that women are the number 1 consumers and they don't give a fuck about you. I am fixing my cup can't let a woman near it protect it all cost.

  25. mealtime 167 says:

    I budget properly. I had to learn the hard way. But now my scores over 700 . Proper money management was not taught to me at all

  26. JP Knowledge says:

    Credit Cards are for disapline people. If you're not disapline, stop using them. If you are a disapline person, maximize the gains from the credit cards with as little spend as possible. Always pay on time and NEVER have a balance. Banks lose money off of people like me.

  27. Views 4rm Tha Six says:

    @Anton I would love to share ur vids wit ppl I know but they go to long sometimes. Can you do some YouTube shorts. Then we could share those & boost u in the YouTube algorithm as well.

  28. NatMesh says:

    Big facts, also do you plan on expanding the member size for your all access Patreon anytime in the near future? Appreciate you and the effort you put into your content!

  29. After Hours w/ Anton Daniels says:

    The benefits of credit cards dropping tomorrow. Hit a like for the YT algorithm!

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