“5 steps to 800 credit score”

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Please ask your questions related to credit challenges and collections.

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  1. Isabella Kate Garcia says:

    SolutionXHack is very great ,her business is very professional and her response time is incredible. She help me get rid of my student loan, 15 of my hard inquiries and negatives causing my credit to skyrocket. If you are considering her service, I highly recommend it .when I had any problems about my credit shes always there to help me out . Any situations I find myself she was always quick with the best response. Feel free to send your email to fixxhackxspy @gmail. Com or leave message on their num +17089861427

  2. Mercedes Jutsine says:

    After trying to remove erroneous, unverifiable and premature accounts from my personal credit report, an European Cyber Security Technician, Engr.SolutionXHAck helped me removed them, I can’t thank him enough for life, this are account that should legally not be there and He gave me some golden secret about the consumer laws that govern what the creditor and the credit bureaus can and can’t do, I was sensitized about the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting act). He can manage your credit score, help you settle/resolve your credit score dispute and help you challenge it with the law when it is not in your favour. I was so much impressed by his work and that’s the reason I’m recommending him as well. You can reach him via email f i x x h a c k x s p y @ g m a i l . c o m …


  3. CreditTricksCreditHacks CreditTips says:

    what are the 15 bureaus ? I would love to know http://www.onmyminddaily.com

  4. Martin Scott says:

    i went from a 573 to a 631 in less than a month, and now have a 700, 10 months later. Here are a few steps that you can use to help increase your score quickly. if you need help repairing your credit or losing weight (buying a house, etc.)
    “Average weight loss for Clients on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan™ with support is 20 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.”
    CONTACT INFO: hackbypark on IG

  5. dave peterson says:

    Single mom; lost job of 15 years s ago; got i screwed by mortgage lender Seterus who gave me forbearance instead of income based payment plan; got screwed by Navient the same way gave me forbearance instead of income; my son had to leave college because i couldn't afford to pay anymore.mr park refered his crew bestcreditscorefixercollection atgmaildotcom to me , my score as at the was 523 (average. then). he started 1st round of the hack on March 2019. Scores improved to 606 and 623 (FICO was higher). 12 negative accounts were removed including $120k in student loan debt from 2 of the 3 bureaus. 2nd round of the hack . BEST INVESTMENT EVER concerning getting my life back on track with my credit at the range of 750. I am close to refinancing , whatsApp+16619277336

  6. Bitcoin for Beginners says:

    Thank you so much for helping John and I rebuild our credit. After working with another company for almost a year we basically gave up. I am so happy our realtor referred us to your company. I want to personally say thank you for not just doing your job but going above and beyond what you said you would do. Feel free to use John and I as a reference and we will be definitely referring people to you. I got my clean slate credit and with an excellent 800 score. [Roy@creditMasterFix.com]

  7. Bitcoin for Beginners says:

    When I started working with Roy, my credit was stolen. I had 16 credits cards in collection & school loans that weren't mine. Within 3 weeks “Roy@creditMasterFix.com” was able to remove everything! My credit score jumped up about 250 points in 3 weeks. He works with you every step of the way, explaining why he wants you to do what he's asking, I say "simply amazing" because this company truly is. I thank God everyday because now I am buying a house, am able to get credit cards and/or approval for loans & didn't have to pay for someone else stealing my credit!!! This company has true dedication & commitment to their clients! I have never been more impressed with a company. I have referred & will continue to refer people. This company helped change my life!

  8. Kevin Regis says:

    Checkout Kikoff to establish credit for free without needing a credit card or bank account: https://kikoff.com/refer/RLNCD672

  9. Jesse Arthur says:

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  10. olivia johnson says:

    My credit rating was low and it really gave me problems renting an apartment for myself. Improve your credit score by going for credit repair which will improve your credit report and expunge all your negative items permanently.To my surprise the hacker i come across from a publicly forum helps me to pay my debt and increase my score to 789 plus excellent result .I never believe until she improved his skills on my credit card she fixed my credit report in few days than i expected. you can contact her for all resolve of hacking issue you need from her. GINA At CreditmasterfixLLC Dot Com or Whatsapp via (803) 662-3749

  11. cindy jones says:

    A problem shared is a problem half solved, thanks to my colleague at work who linked me with a credit fixer after so much nagging by me about my bad credit. My score was 539 and I was not legible to get loans, credit cards. Thanks to GINA@CREDITMASTERFIXLLC,COM who helped fixed my credit and raise my score to 792, I got a car loan of recent too. You can also WHATSAPP hER at (803) 662-3749

  12. isabella lock says:

    About 2 weeks ago I tried getting a loan but to no avail, I didn’t get approved because my credit score was in the low 400’s, I came across a comment about a credit expert helping people get their credit fixed in a week , so I decided to give her a try. to my surprise he removed all the negative items impacting on my credit and increased my credit score up to 800. G I N A @ C R E D I T M A S T E R F I X L L C , C O M +1 8 0 3 6 6 2 3 7 4 9. on WHATSAPP if you need your credit fixed.

  13. ethan burner says:

    Having a messy credit is definitely one of the biggest financial problem one can have, I needed a loan to get a car so has boost my bad financial condition but this wasn't approved on several occasions because of my credit score made a drop after my divorce to 486, after several failed attempts of fixing my credit my sister linked me to a credit genius who didn't just remove the eviction from my credit report but raised my score to 793. Having similar issues? mail GINA (@) CREDITMASTERFIXLLC (.) COM or text 8036623749

  14. Mary Freeman says:

    What do you charge for your service

  15. Katherine Conn says:

    i had a 874 transunion score i have a credit card i used at max 30% $7500 . i now only use it for automatic payment totaling $135 a month . i have a credit card of $6000 i never ever use more than 30%. i have a line of credit for $10000 i use only for a automatic payment of $50. ihave a line of credit of $50000 . i am now using for upgrades to house i do not have mortgage on i am at a use 50% but only at %30 usage at the time. i was at 876. what happened

  16. Shawn Patton says:

    I want to hire you to fix my credit how do I reach you?

  17. Camille Miles says:

    Listen three times, what was number five? Text me at 3125930370

  18. Pastor Andre Lamont Turner says:

    If my score were in the 400s, 105,000$ in student loans ,which is 95percent of the negatives on the report, how many points do you think it will raise the score from the 400s

  19. Tony Hope says:

    Can old hospital Bill's be disputed?

  20. Tony Hope says:

    How to dispute charge offs?

  21. Michael Rachel says:

    Lexington Law is a huge rip-off scam. They tell you that they will fix your credit, they make very big promises to get you to sign their contract. You pay the monthly payments and getting nothing in return. I used them for about a year and my credit scores actually went down. We had a very sick child and had a lot of medical collections and because they inquired about those to try and dispute them it basically quote refreshed the debt thus making our scores lower. We were young and dumb back then. I recommend _ derickjane @ mail . ru He is a genius,get through with him today and you will be glad you did. He saved us from Financial ruins and bankruptcy…He deleted all the hard inquiries,late payment,collections,derogatory on our credit report and then proceeded to improving our credit score to the early 800's

  22. Elizabeth Ware says:

    My spouse credit score was really messed up,his security clearance states that he has to have good credit but recently his credit score has dropped drastically due to financial crises he encounter when he lost huge amount to a business partner,so i can't be linked to him.its just 9 months since I've been rebuilding my credit with my regular non travel BofA credit ,though i have perfect payment history but due to the crises which got my husband i have also been late with few payments and all debts total 12 k.During this period i applied for AMEX card and i got decline with a credit score of 609,so painful i got declined after all my explanations to them.This burden was so much on us,the credit repairer my husband hired for 6 months now without any changes and he keeps demanding for additional fee without any improvement.we decided to take a quick solution,during my scout for a good credit repair company i got the email of == GREGORYIVAN07 AT GMAIL DOT COM from REDDIT.I hired him to fix my credit before recommending him to my husband,I am so happy I got saved with all late payments deleted and few were paid off,AMEX just approved me and my husband just got his score raised to eight hundred and twenty score

  23. Ronnie Age says:

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  24. Darrell Banks says:

    I had two things on my credit that were holding me back. one is from sears which I paid off and I am not sure of the other one but they are both 17 years old. I filed bankruptcy 17 years ago and settled with them both. It was just brought to my attention that they are still on my reports I recently got referred by my best friend to hire ~~ cyberguru0101 at gmailcom which I did and he helped me fix my credit and my score was improved by a huge leap. I recommend anyone that needs to fix his or her credit to get through with him.?

  25. Ronnie Age says:

    I was on the verge of loosing everything I ever owned due to debts and bad credit and I just didn't know if I could live with it. I decided to take my last leap of faith to figure out how to fix it. A friend told me about her US based Credit Instructor/Expert she met in ICT/business seminar who works with one of the credit bureaus to help me fix my situation but I wanted to be sure so I did further research and it turns out the hacker is highly recommended. I contacted the hacker, told him my situation and put my trust in him. Unbelievably, the hacker did what I thought was impossible. He cleared my credit card debts of over $12,000 and increased my credit score to the early 800. I believe he is God's instrument and I can only testify. It's a miracle and I still can't believe it. The whole internet is buzzing about this hacker and I can't help but share my story.Clean Slate Credit is real and an angel. Whatsapp or Text ; +1 (614)398-2396

  26. Lewanda Whitehead says:

    Thanks for the Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard about this credit instructor (ROYAL CREDIT REPAIR SERVICE) It is a smashing service for repairing your credit without the usual headache. I have heard some amazing things about them and my mate finally got excellent results with their service. e- Mail (( privateinvestigator1967 @ gmail . com

  27. mason roberts says:

    Thanks to Dirk Hess for my credit score upgrade. I saw a couple of recommendations of him here on youtube and contacted him I was so skeptical and cautious at first, but he proved to me he was the best. Though he may not be cheap but it was totally worth it. He is also good with other hacks. Contact him, his email is legionofgloomhackers AT gmail dot com.

  28. thunderliscous says:

    If they said its verified and dont send real proof do you have template letter I can send?

  29. Kimberly B says:

    Is there a way I can email you with a question about credit cards and utilization?

  30. v h says:

    Just subscribed

  31. Jay G says:

    Houses, Cars, and more sold on bid4assets.com

  32. Alex T says:

    So what if you send 149. You just do 15 credit report's but does the 149. Include your services

  33. Kimberly Tubbs says:

    Thank you for teaching me about statement end dates on credit cards, I always believed if I paid my credit card by the due date I would have good credit, I was so wrong thank you again

  34. Brian Edwards says:

    I got a call back n November and really wasn't wanting to talk so they kept on and I thought I could pay the one bill of 58.78 a 4 months and a 100.00 bill for 5 months and they promised to remove from my credit…come and find out they weren't even on my report after all…Brian n Clinton TN

  35. Brian Edwards says:

    I was going to college n 96 and had to quit cause of money…I had my student loans n forbiddance for many years and n 96 became totally disabled and they reran them n 07 and then again n 12…they say u can't do that even being disabled but for years I kept telling them that on the back of my bill everymonth and I kept telling them I'm totally 100 percent disabled…is this true or not?…Brian in Clinton TN..

  36. R U Still Down says:

    So last year i closed a bank line of credit and a credit card i had for 4 years out of complete ignorance now I'm trying to rebuild my credit from around 680 with an annual income of 36.4k at age 25. I just opened up 2 credit cards and have had a 3rd for 5 months now i also have a car loan what would be my next step to further my credit structure and stability.
    Note i don't have any collections or bankrupcys only closed accounts negatively effecting my scores.

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