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  1. Ryan Senff says:

    Radikal Marketer ,
    Can you help me with this please ?

  2. Sache Smith says:

    I do that pledge loan for example I put $50k in my savings today & do the pledge loan do I pay the 40k payment today or should I wait a whole month then pay the 40k?

  3. Brian Damon says:

    Secured card goes to 10k not 25k. Thats what the rep said n e way

  4. KEITH Williams says:

    How do you get into Navy Federal if you don't have any veteran connection

  5. On ÏG Dm 1805codes says:

    I don't expect it until he get me good credit card with good credit score I just don't know how he do it but am very glad to recommend him out here

  6. Pontif Maximus says:

    Sounds like a plan

  7. John Patterson says:

    How do I get in contact with you please

  8. Aleksandar Jovicic says:

    Now this is incredible. Funny thing is, I was denied FNBO personal with a 780 exp/745 tu. Ridiculous. Persistance and patience

  9. Tony V says:

    Dan I just wanna speak for everybody when I thank you for content. I'm a young cat who just started building my credit 11 months ago, less than a year, and I've already got over 25k in credit across 5-7 cards along with a gold Amex charge, with more high quality cards pending. I never in my life thought it would've been possible until I stumbled upon your channel, and your group. Thank you for blessing the community with your knowledge, we taking this thing to the moon.

  10. Angel Khalil says:

    went from 523 credit score to 770 in 1yr by credit hacking via credit union

  11. Tomorrowits Litt says:

    what if i jus keep putting cash in the bank weekly what’s that no red plags on this

  12. Smooth Christmon says:

    How long before they release the funds back to you after doing the pledge loan?

  13. marlon kirk says:

    thanks for the info

  14. Better Future says:

    If I did $20k pledge loan and you say they give me the money back, does that mean I technically have $40k I can use?

  15. Better Future says:

    I just joined Navy with a free account. Can I upgrade?

  16. Guillermo Ernesto Escobar W. says:

    How can you do it with no money?

  17. DeviantExile says:

    How long do they lock the money up to setup the pledge loan? Thinking about liquidating a card to do it and pay it right back.

  18. Mr51Caveman says:

    So what if you have great Credit, a good income and 100K in credit already available outside NFCU?

  19. Lucky Number Gaming says:


  20. Lucky Number Gaming says:


  21. Lucky Number Gaming says:


  22. Darell Smith says:

    Let’s go!!!

  23. Marites Taylor says:

    You're right it's about everyone moving up.

  24. lashaa Wiley says:

    I dont have revenue will this still work based on my income, I do have positive tradelines too

  25. shamori battle says:

    Folks, this is the real deal! Crazy thing is if you have decent credit it gets even easier! If you do this, TRUST me, the 25k c.c. will be just one of the blessing you will receive! It's CHESS not checkers! this is a game of multiples and synergy! Those looking to build your business credit (AND THAT SHOULD BE ALL OF YOU!) can you imagine if you set yourself up like this and THEN got those juicy 3-5 times limits on the business side?!?! GAME OVER!!!!! Thank you bro for taking the time to help others, together everyone achieves more!

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