5 Social Security Mistakes That Have BIG Consequences

There are some Social Security mistakes that have consequences that make it hard to recover. Here are five to avoid.

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Here are all the resources mentioned in the video:
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22 Responses

  1. James Kowski says:

    Hi, my wife and I both were born after 1958. I am older than my wife by 2 years. My PIA is $2,000, and my wife's PIA (based on her own work history) is only $500. When my wife becomes 62 (and I am 64), she plans to fil for SS benefit based on her own benefit even though it will be much lower than $500 because she is getting before 67. I am going to file for my own SS benefit when I becomes 69, so she can get the full spousal benefit (= 1/ 2 of my full SS amount, $2,000, at 69) when she becomes 67. But, I read a news article saying, 'if my wife is born after 1954, she is deemed to file for both her own benefit and spousal benefit when she files for SS at 62. Hence, when she becomes 67 (a month after I file for my SS benefit), she is not getting the $1,000 (=full 1/2 of my SS amount=PIA), but getting reduced amount because she filed for SS benefit at 62, which is 5 years earlier than 67. I don't understand this concept. I didn't file for my SS benefit until I become 69. Hence, she didn't get any spousal benefit until 67 (I know spousal benefits starts only when a spouse (=me) has already filed for a benefit). Can you verify this is true? Thanks.

  2. Ozzie Martz says:

    Hi Devin, I'm 64 haven't been able to work since I was 39 can't get disability or ssi, I do have 24 work credit's will I be able to draw as when I'm 66 and half and get my spousal benefits

  3. Peter Northrup says:

    I quit school at 16. Worked my ass off my whole life. Retired at 55. This August at 62 i will start getting $2000.00 per month from S S. I can't wait. I just love all the people I've seen over the years that are self employed and don't declare income. Then at 62 they get almost nothing from SS and wonder why?

  4. James Kowski says:

    Hi, my full retirement benefit at 67 is $2,000. If I delay my ss benefit to 70 years old to get a 24% more monthly check (=$2,480) and die at 77, when my wife who is 10 years younger than me files for a survivor benefit, is she getting the $2,480 or $2,000?

  5. Esther Conklin says:

    Send me a copy please

  6. Mario Fiallos says:

    Thanks Devin.

  7. Rennie Bradley says:

    oh yeah they sure r not nice to widows and widowers that r survivors of spouses that commit suicide u r banned for life from ever seeing ur widows benefits or survivors benefits

  8. TOM SANDERS says:

    The politicians who tax social security should be forced to retire with only social security (as exclusive income) and medicare. Or better yet, since most of them are millionaires, they should not be allowed to collect it once the reach a million dollars of assets.

  9. Christine P. says:

    I assume the income limit applies only to earned income, right? Not interest, dividends capital gains, etc.

  10. Eric Larue says:

    There must be millions of agents we pay with our taxes to implement this overly complicated scheme. Decomplication would save us trillions perhaps.

  11. Victoria Lopez says:

    SGood morning Sir I'm encounter some problem 2019 thus not match our records names & SSNs may not with our records

  12. WR 1962 says:

    And it's Devin Carroll need to stay away from him he's for the left he's against Trump you don't even know half the half the things he's talking about so be wary people he's a leftist where we go one we go all true Patriots we the people who bleed red white and blue

  13. david czapla says:

    If Social Security was run by a private entity, it would have been shut down long ago, and its shepards imprisoned.

  14. Carlos Standridge says:

    I only have social security

  15. S Young says:

    Sir, I'm on SS Disability and, receive a negligible widow's benefit, (about $300) which are direct dep each mo. Do I need to worry about overpayment of SS Disability? ( Note: I'm on Medicaid, as well.)

  16. My WorkPC says:

    If you have a pension or retirement plan, does that count toward your maximum income? Or only income from an actual job?

  17. Carlos Standridge says:

    Im65 and stillhavent seennpthing fromyall yet youalldontgive a damnabout the poirpeople you touch of s coward tosdmit it to America nothing but selfish bunch eating wellwlile the poor are being treated the worst worstbutit


    Nice advise

  19. Zeek M says:

    Social Security is corrupt and we all need to file a class action law suit against them.

  20. Bill Bird says:

    Overpayment happens alot

  21. vyger63 says:

    I started collecting my SS at 66 yrs old and kept working, what happens to the money SS keeps taking from my pay check every week. I am now 70 yrs old and have paid approximately $1,824 dollars back to SS from my paycheck in 4 years…had to come back and edit this…It was a SS Tax of $1824.00 a year for 4 years which comes out to $7,296.00 dollars ..I have paid back to them

  22. Sc Barbour says:

    I get my husband check on I am on disability so I have been getting his check for the last 13yrs. I started getting it when I was 56 yrs old I don't get the amount that he got but I get enough just to take care of myself

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