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28 Responses

  1. Chill says:

    Rank:Presumed dead

  2. Ezzy Eske says:

    "It is only knows to god" Yeah, if you could fuck off with that shit.

  3. Delilah Dove says:

    Knock me out and I’ll gladly stay in hiding so you can go to prison for my murder

  4. the man behind the slaughter says:

    1: Henry Stickmin

  5. Burner says:

    Number 1: Henry Stickmin

  6. Canada's Left Coast. says:

    The young Larry Bader looks like Paul Reubens.

  7. oliviatree says:

    "SPITTING" image not splitting image.

  8. Shelly Cline says:

    I don't believe for one second that Bader guy had amnesia. What a scammer.

  9. Chris}Lor} At} says:

    Williams story needs to be made into a movie! Lol

  10. Abeaut TootToot says:

    And this is why a body is important.

  11. David. Westergard says:

    good video. im enjoying it. but my OCD is Raging out of control at the 7:057:20 mark where it doesn't move those designs away from his head. could you please rewind history and take those lines out lol

  12. buggiebuild1 says:

    OMG, three innocent people were hung, dating back that far, police coercion, you'll say and do anything if you think you're going to be set free just sayin,my opinion, probably the most messed up outcome I've heard , so long ago, but still….

  13. June Viarruel says:

    The movie serpent on the rainbow was fashioned ater the last srory.. And the doctor who went to investigate the zombie powder is an actual doctor here in Boston in Copley Square. I'm sure he's retired now.

  14. ECCENTRICITY says:

    There was embalming then? This story smells ,and how did he survive after being buried ,I mean he would have to been dug up right away and I know the pics different ages but they look nothing alike the young man has very small eyes almost Asian looking and the nose as well

  15. Tabitha Fallstead says:

    But then, who was the dismembered woman?

  16. Carly R says:

    I know he isn’t technically dead but only getting six years to life for murder??

  17. Ken Rose says:

    What about the 3 individuals that were executed for William's death? No info about whether their families received any compensation or an apology?

  18. Lndin Galle says:

    I can not stand this woman's voice. I can only listen to Merc channel, when it's Merc voice.

  19. DC Fixx says:

    Hey, thats not a nice thing to call Baptists even if it does seem to be true, lmao!

  20. MrsSerene Xero says:

    John Perry didn't confess…

  21. thesilentdiva says:

    That Haiti story is crazy

  22. Lorilei M says:

    spitting image. not splitting

  23. Chris Morse says:

    so it might not have been Shi but there was still someone murdered right? And if it was supposedly done by someone with skills as a butcher, couldn't Tang still have killed whoever it was?

  24. VladStValentine says:

    Yo isn't number one the plot to "White Zombie" w/ Bela Lugosi?

  25. Chelsea Faust says:

    Ah yes "Haiti's Living Dead" the whole zombification stuff. No thanks, I will pass.

  26. Mr. Kroogur says:

    There was a book about Clarvius Narcisse called "The Serpent and the Rainbow"

  27. Investfoxy Crypto says:

    What percentage of views do you get from USA?

  28. Merc Docs says:

    Sorry about the difference in quality of the voice recording in different cases, there was a problem with the Mic. Also, Follow me on twitter/facebook to get notified of new uploads as it seems YouTube is making it even harder for you to see new videos.


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