5 Methods to Improve Your Credit Score Instantly! Raise your score 100+ Points Higher FAST!!!

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Hello My Name is Nigel Schroeter however here on youtube I am known by multiple names ( Mr.Suave99, King Of Navy Federal Credit Union, Mr. DON’T SLEEP ON THE MONEY, The Credit Sensei, The Young King, and Many More…. This youtube channel was created to inform the youth and uninformed masses of the proper way to build/rebuild, grow, attain and manage credit. In addition to inform them of business opportunities, how to establish a business and business credit. If any of this intrigued you please take a moment to watch and subscribe to our channel. It’s your time to RISE AND GRIND!

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial attorney, accountant, or financial adviser. Please consult your attorney, accountant, and financial adviser before making any decisions with your business. Channel is for entertainment purposes only.

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how do you dispute something on your credit report

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8 Responses

  1. Jaybirdie 10 says:

    Hi mr Nigel

  2. CreditTricksCreditHacks CreditTips says:

    love these methods

  3. Monika Marvel says:

    Hi Nigel, what is your take on obtaining one of these low limit unsecured credit cards with high interests rates and with $75-$99 annual fee to rebuild your credit; do you think the high interest rate and high annual fee is worth it? I was thinking, if I keep it for 1 yrs. time, make a small purchase each month and pay that balance in full each & every month so that there is no revolving balance for which I would have to pay interest on; my assumption is that the benefit would have served its purpose by the next annual fee due date and I then would be in a position to cancel the card before the second annual year annual payment. My question is: "Is this a smart move, or is it not good to cancel a credit credit just form a general standpoint? Or, would it best to keep the card and renegotiate the terms once my credit score improves… what is it your take on it?
    I thank you for all the great content you put out, I really appreciate all of your effort!

  4. mskimmylou says:

    If u agree to settle to delete aren’t u admitting to this debt? What if they don’t agree then u have basically given them reason to harass you again. How do I guarantee that this won’t happen?

  5. Volkswagenplanet says:


  6. Bridgette Gourrier says:


  7. Masters Hack Group says:

    I am more than impressed .. Learning a lot from your channel

  8. Masters Hack Group says:

    Another important credit score videob

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