5 Dispute Letter Tactics to Fight Verified & Frivolous Results

What do you do if the credit bureaus verify your collection, charge off, repo, late payment, etc.? What do you do if they say it’s frivolous? How do you write a dispute letter that will make a difference? Check out the video to determine what recourse you have and the 5 dispute letter tactics can be used to figut verified & frivolous responses.

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Please watch: “How to Write Killer Reasons on Your Dispute Letters | Credit Sweep”



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8 Responses

  1. theluckyman says:

    I've enjoyed your videos you're badass for doing factual so far you're the only person gave me unique tactics about factual that's good 😀

  2. Daniel Crotty says:

    Also, I am curious about your opinion of Innovis. Do you even bother disputing with them? Is anyone really looking at their reports anymore?

  3. Daniel Crotty says:

    Thanks for all these amazing videos! I have a weird issue that I wonder if you’ve seen. At some point my Equifax file split due to too many soft inquiries. At the time I had 2 disputes in process. Those same two disputes have remained open for like 2 years now. What should I do? Call Equifax maybe?

  4. Hope 4 PA says:

    I had a bankruptcy come back verified despite no proof being provided. Transunion and Equifax could not verify the bankruptcy and deleted the account. Filed a complaint with cfpb and bbb. A complete waste of time. The CFPB did not investigate the issue and only forwarded my complaint to Experian. Experian provided the same bogus response with no proof and Cfpb closed the complaint. Also, Experian did not respond to BBB.

  5. johnathan twinz says:

    I have a BK I've tried to get stuff off but no luck.

  6. H Cruzin says:

    So what if i disputed over a year ago using someones templates and didnt reply to the CRAs after the 2nd letter(frivilous), should i start all over from letter 1 by using blatant inaccuracies/balances/violations, etc. or do i follow up from the last time i submitted the last letter from February 2017? Thanks

  7. Expert Credit Sweeps says:

    I guess the follow up to this would be: what do you do when the bureaus don't even respond?

  8. bota20 says:

    Wow i get pumped up when Kristen.. Explains it like that in detail..she makes it so easy!!

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