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Today we’re talking about 5 different credit dispute methods, including factual disputes, validation of debt, identity theft, online disputes, and templates such as 609. If you’d like to see if a credit sweep would be a good fit for you, head over to


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⭐️ Video notes
We’re looking at the difference
between dispute methods. And this is important for credit sweeps
because if you want to get the results in, you need to know
exactly what you’re doing. So we’re looking at factual
disputes, validation of debt, online dispute, identity theft,
6 9. And of course I do have resources and you can find those
resources also down in the description. So let’s get
started. We’re going to go with a factual dispute first. So this
is why it works. It is based on the facts. It’s right in the
name based on the facts. Okay. We’re not coming up with
anything. All right. So it’s really as simple as look at your
credit report. Know exactly what an account should look like
before you go ahead and do that and use those to support your
argument, right? And again, all this information is taken
directly from the credit report, right? And it’s new and relevant
information on each dispute. Now you may have had experience come
back and say, Hey, we’re no longer going to reinvestigate or
investigate this account because you’ve said the same thing
again. Okay. So this is why it’s important that you use new and
relevant information in each dispute. And if you’re using a
different dispute type, guess what is the same stuff over and
over and over again, literally the worst thing that you can do
is say the same thing twice. Okay? So that leads me to the
next one. It does not come back as frivolous. Okay. Now they can
say that it’s fruitless, but legally it does not come back as
frivolous because you’re using new and relevant information
each and every time. And you’re not using law heavy language and
you’re not threatening them. Okay. So let’s go over to VOD
And this is direct to the collector. Okay. There is
a four-letter dispute series, right in this works for medical
apartment, utility car insurance. And it expedites the
dispute process because you’re using this in addition to your
bureau disputes. Now, sometimes you might want to start with
your collection dispute and sometimes you want to dispute
with the Bureau’s first The key is the notice of
dispute. Now, if you want to know more about that, have other
videos that you can start to end. Then we go over to online
dispute. You should virtually never be using this like ever,
okay? Because you give up your rights under section 623 and
611. You just want to keep in mind that this goes right into
their automation process, which you don’t wanna do. And it also
results in a ton of deleted accounts that are reinserted.
You do not want to get temporary deletions. What’s the point of a
temporary deletion. Okay. Our job is to get permanent results
that we’re not going to have to worry about. And it all comes
down to the methods. So if you’re using the wrong method,
that is what you should expect. Okay? I mean, for online disputes
I have like a hundred additional reasons, but we’re going to go
over into identity theft. Now over to identity theft. They
should only be used for victims of fraud. I really don’t need to
explain why, but this is much less effective because of the
millions of consumers who use this illegally. Look, if you’re
not a victim, don’t use this. The worst thing they can do
credit repair suicide is to say something is not yours. And then
furthermore, claiming that you’re a victim of fraud.

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