5 Credit Repair Tips For Faster Dispute Results

We’re covering 5 credit repair tips for faster dispute results that you can do starting TODAY. You can also get faster results today by scheduling your call with me at Some of these may be straightforward, but you’d be surprised to hear how often I’m told that everything can’t be disputed at the same time, or that something has to be removed because “there’s an FCRA law”. It doesn’t work like that, and today I’m going to explain why!

We are covering:
– Why companies REALLY tell you that all negative accounts can’t be disputed at the same time and why it matters to them
– Why consumers fall for the whole “in as little as 30 or 45 days” gimmick for results
– What you have to do to “enforce” the FCRA and get your results
– What to do if the credit bureaus verify as accurate and don’t comply, but violate
– and we’re also covering a few things about these fake credit repair loopholes
and more!

Bullet Proof Dispute Letter Strategy:
Bullet Proof Dispute Letter Formula (Remove ANY Account):
Dispute Flow:
Dispute Tactics:


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Please watch: “15 Credit Bureau Tips for Increasing Dispute Letter Results”



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