4Unknown SCAMMED 33Lakhs Full PROOF | 4un Dead soul Scam 33lakh rupees | 4un Scammer | 4un Scam

4Unknown SCAMMED 33Lakhs Full PROOF | 4un Dead soul Scam 33lakh rupees | 4un Scammer | 4un Scam, Garena Free Fire From India Killing Player with LOUD Volume Spy Like James Bond 007 Level Up to 67. Free Fire Game From India Playing Pro Gameplay With Free Dj Alok & Hindi Comentry Best Tips & Tricks Or Solo vs Squad Gameplay Free by

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There are lots of ff esports players and ff esports teams in Ff esports

FF ESPORTS PLAYERS & TEAMS – Vasiyo crj7 free fire, gxr maryx, galaxy racer free fire, gxr barcaboi uid, gxsr golden ff, gxr vasiyo team, tsm fab indro, te elite, poison dada ff esports, taneja op new team, te insane, team elite vs 4 unknown,

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In Our free fire Esports, there is a esports team name Team elite,
In this team we have Pahadi the sniper, iconic ff, killer ff the headshot king, the rdp, jonty bhai as a team elite captain,
Many times team elite, havs Countroversy like
Killer left team elite, killer fight pahadi, killer in tsg esports team, killer ff left esports, killer ff left team elite, killer ff join another free fire Esports team, killer fight pahadi, team elite vs ug empire, killer leave team elite, killer ff left esports, killer left ff esports team team elite, pahadi angry, pahadi angry fight,

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Gameplay Credit :- @KILLER FF






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  1. A NOOB Playing Dragon says:

    Wait I have a doubt technically speaking if he really scammed about 33lakhs then why didn't they file a case on dead soul just because of that it's not believable, litterally anyone would file a case on him like 33lakhs is no joke I guess maybe they forgot, but yeah they should if he really did

  2. Ajay Nane says:

    #auloveesprts scammer of the year

  3. PAIN FF says:

    Tahir 2.0 Or wot

  4. TEAM PH ESPORT says:

    Hlo bahi

  5. EMPIRE GAMING says:

    Subscriber kitne ha ???????

  6. im a davil says:

    Op update

  7. TNT- SQUD says:

    Frist bro

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