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Today I’m sharing another client win – 470 – 780 credit score in just 60 days – that’s 310 points! If you would like to see if I can take over your file and do a credit sweep, head over to and I will see if I can help. You might also want to check out my flagship product – Live Letter Automation App at for more information.

How did we do this? It’s simple, actually. No template,s no online disputes, no identity theft credit sweeps. Nope. Just go ole legal credit sweep to remove the inaccuracies from the credit report.


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Let’s jump on a call and see if I can help!

For everything ‘credit’, check out the free podcast at and my previously-live mini creditcasts at

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Video notes:
If I just told you I got this
client 310 points in just 60 days. You wouldn’t believe me.
Right? So guess what? We’re logged into identity IQ, and I’m
showing you because I don’t need to just take a screenshot. That
doesn’t belong to me from the internet somewhere. Like
everybody else know. We are logged into identity IQ. Look at
this. I’m going to make it bigger for you. Here we go.
TransUnion on five, six 2021. We have 550 on TransUnion 470 on
Experian and 485 on Equifax. Yes. This is a real credit report and
guess. It, I’m going to show you what happened 60 days later. You
see, there’s always going to be haters and trolls out
there and always has been ever since I got here. Six years ago
on YouTube and started my journey with the 530 plus videos
that I have, but I don’t need to just show you some screen shot.
No, no, no. No. Look at that. 7/30 2021. We are inside of
identity IQ. Look at these Beauties right here. Oh, look at
that. Mmm, TransUnion. 755 Experian 780 that’s 310
points. Equifax 754. That’s 269 points. All right. Men lie,
women lie, but numbers don’t lie. So haters can hate people,
who say what they want. But my numbers say everything that they
need to. All right? Miss was without online disputes. This
was without templates. This was without lying, this was out
without doing anything illegal, right? So you can continue on
your do-it-yourself journey and guess what? Got my Flagship
product that you might want to check out it launched. This
weekend. It’s called live letter automation app. Alright, so the
link is at the top of the screen. It is down in the
description. And if you want to save time, if you want to save
money then hey I recommend going to check it out. Alright. And
until Wednesday, the only got like, what? 24, hours or so, but
you can save a little bit of money on it on the launch. But
otherwise, I hope you have a great evening. If you need help,
if you wanted me to take over your file and get you results
and scores a, you can’t get yourself. Then let’s see if I
can help. All right. Head over to my740.com schedule a call
with me, and I will see what I could do for you. But otherwise
head over to liveletter.ask-kristin.com and
check out LiveLetter All right, so for those of you that do own
businesses and want to show that you get results, I recommend
doing what I do logging into the credit monitoring and actually
showing the scores. All right? Going to get a lot farther. So
anywho, I hope you have a wonderful evening. And I hope
you had a great weekend. Hope you have a great holiday. I hope
you have all that stuff and a bag of chips, all the sex to
you, but cry right now. That is it. Hope you have a great one
and I will see you later.

Please watch: “24Hr Credit Repair Workshop Release | Credit Sweep Deep Dive”


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