$40,000 Personal Loan From Goldman Sachs With Soft Pull To Pre-qualify! Fair Credit OK!

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💥 $40,000 Personal Loan From Goldman Sachs With Soft Pull To Pre-qualify!

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how to dispute a debt on credit report

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14 Responses

  1. Hey Sherry what is a ballpark credit score you would need to get approved for this loan and what credit agency do they pull from

  2. Great video Sherry and Happy New Years.

  3. Congratulations on the new baby

  4. Question, I do see this same question asked…but….. I shopped and purchased a car 12/20/20, all of the 7 inquiries on my report are for that one purchase. Is that what you would consider connected to the current loan I am paying??? Should/could I dispute-the other 6 inquiries ?? Thanks in advance

  5. Congratulations on the new born

  6. love_notes87 says:

    Hi. Do you need a job with check stubs for this particular loan?

  7. I have a question, if I have a loan already for debt consolidation, can I take out another loan?

  8. What about a charge off bankruptcy.

  9. Lee Jones says:

    Don't hard inquiry fall off after 2years

  10. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  11. kk kusa says:

    Do u have a number where I can reach u…,?????your assistance is needed

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