4 Supposed Murder Victims Who Were Found Alive

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These people were thought to be dead; and then they were found very much alive.

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Sources and Picture Credits:
Music Credits: “organic metalic ambience” by burn-mir
Created, Written and Narrated by Carter Ensign
Video Edited by Alexander Vasnev
Audio Edited by Danelle Cloutier


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18 Responses

  1. Frank Paya says:

    In 1937?
    You didn't get a social Security number at birth then, and he only lived 3 years.

  2. Autumn says:

    6:26 The units of Chinese currency are actually called yuan, not "yen". Yen are the units for Japanese currency.

  3. NeoAstrisk says:

    Honestly bro, is that Resident Evil 2 music in the bgm? Buddy and I are debating over it.

  4. Wes Brit says:

    Am relaited 2 Mary Shelley! My uncle done a family search. Also am meant to be releted Rob roy McGregor. Hope i dont bump into Conner the prck.

  5. Marill Sweatshirt says:

    That first story is just fucked…..

  6. R H says:

    "He's disappeared before and his car was at an airport but he's young and works construction so Gacy must've got him. Ok then, g'nite." — the fam of poor Szal.

  7. Samantha Simental says:

    My brother was out of touch for over ten year. I had a niece I knew nothing about.

  8. Tina Whelan says:

    Have they tried genetic genealogy to identify the last 6 unidentified victims of Gacy?

  9. R H says:

    Why did Joseph's fam & police assume murder? Not suicide, accident, injured, kidnapping, or, as a person with known mental health issues, just maybe he walked away or had a psychotic break?

  10. R H says:

    Bataan Death March, Good Lord. I learned of it many years ago but the horror is always fresh

  11. WeeWee says:

    Do love the channel but sometimes I think if you spoke any slower you'd be speaking backwards.

  12. Moinul Alam says:

    #2 was not a murder. Thats like saying a mountain lion murders hunters in the wild

  13. J'larko Jones says:

    Man, good job speeding up your cadence.

  14. Bretwalda Blah Blah Blah says:

    @ a fecking unbelievable 2:25

  15. Gail Gail Gail says:

    Who else stopped watching when he launched into a 2 min advertisement for his sponsor

  16. OWOT1966 says:

    You have a great narrative voice and put together great videos. You have a great following, buddy. And a beautiful wife, no doubt.

  17. Ima Die Harder Like My Kid Bruce Willis! says:

    This is the voice on every single one of these?
    You gotta be shitting me.
    That really blows because it looks like there’s potentially a lot of good material on this channel.
    I just can’t do it, man.

  18. queenfree85 says:

    title says 4 supposed victims, list starts at 3???

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