4 Rikers Island Workers Suspended After Inmate Mistakenly Let Out

Christopher Buggs, 26, was set free due to a clerical error. He had been locked up awaiting trial for murder since 2018.


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25 Responses

  1. Bthrillz84 says:

    CIA or FBI probably let him out to assassinate someone or mass murder, nothing surprise's me anymore

  2. Henry says:

    Mention their names

  3. Miraj Hossain says:

    They should be fired period.

  4. Maureen says:

    They got paid off it’s as easy as that. It’s A dam shame !

  5. Dee Kay says:

    NY and LA always competing for the dumbest city. LA literally had the same shit happen this week.

  6. D. Man says:

    Additional criminal to dump

  7. gotta fly says:

    If they got a new ride or spiffy jewelry you know what’s up.

  8. West Coast says:

    Suspended with pay.

  9. Sike01 says:

    a call from city hall to release one of the NYC mayor's cubs

  10. Ye FG says:

    He’s still on the loose. Smh. Nyc is the worst.

  11. Bobby B0xes says:

    His community will protect him cuz that's what you's do!

  12. RedEnvelopeMedia says:

    You sure it wasnt a Deblasio pardon?

  13. Lor M. says:

    They should be fired

  14. Splash Attack TCG says:

    Check their bank accounts for any activity. Sometime the numbers go up and suddenly there’s these kinds of “accidents”.

  15. renaissance18 says:

    call the bug control to capture this pesky bug criminal lol

  16. To Be Honest says:

    He out smashin

  17. To Be Honest says:

    Little baddie …catchin mood swangs

    Yll stop…he dangerous

  18. Jmfia20 says:

    They need to be fired.

  19. renaissance18 says:

    morons, serves them right to get suspended hahahaha

  20. AL says:

    Suspended means fired?

  21. thomas he says:

    what did they do

  22. Yokuツ says:

    It was about time

  23. Richard Huntington says:

    Glad the issue leading to his mistaken release is being addressed.

  24. Pink Skin Can't Handle The Sunlight says:

    Good i hope he's out of the state of New York by now!

  25. John D says:

    Isn’t that mugs the bugs jarqueezious laterious Smith

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