4 Reasons Why Everyone Keeps Choosing Capital One To Build/Rebuild Credit – 850 Club Credit

4 Reasons Why Everyone Keeps Choosing Capital One To Build/Rebuild Credit – 850 Club Credit

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25 Responses

  1. howyoudurrinhunneh says:

    I bank with Cap1
    2 cards and now 3 since they took Wal-Mart over.

    I've had an auto loan with a 6% rate which was higher than when I had bad credit.

    Cap1 kept asking me to refinance so I just did and now it is 3.58 and making payments will be so much easier.

    They offered me $45,000 if I wanted a new car too. As Ive.got 9,000 ok my current 2 year old ride, no thanks but thanks but thanks the savings.

  2. Mike Hog A Nator (The Hog A Nator) says:

    I'm 50yrs old & i have no credit. I pay cash for my cars, etc. I just got my Capital One Platinum, if I activate it? They auto take $100 immediately, so your already in debt & you haven't used it yet! Plus the high interest rates & monthly 8% fee on my charges. I'm not so sure I'm activating mine. I understand you gotta pay for no or bad credit but I save cash

  3. Iryna Kenneth says:

    Here in March 2021 – GREAT Content!!!

  4. Antonio Valaquez says:

    I really appreciate the great services and kind efforts to help me increase my credit score. I'm now good to go

  5. Sarah Fabian says:

    An excellent job done by Ethical liam hacks on Instagram God bless you sir

  6. Michael Billiee says:

    My life changed the day I met Ethical liam hacks on Instagram he is an amazing person

  7. Chris Xavier says:

    I got help from Ethical Liam hacks on insta he is the best in increasing scores

  8. Joe Davis says:

    I had d my score doubled. Thanks Ethical Liam hacks on ig

  9. Smith Skyler says:

    Wow I had to pay just $100 to increase my credit score to 900 that’s a good job done by Ethical Liam hacks on Instagram he is the best

  10. Gig Gold says:

    Finally I got my score from 560 to 795 All credits and appreciation goes to Ethical Liam hacks on ig

  11. calle434Carolina says:

    Had a 300 secured and lost it but after 3 yrs of good history on a car note along with a OpenSky for a year now i broke down and applied for the platinum was approved for 500 no deposit. Thank you

  12. Vicky Landing says:

    Doing coronavirus Capital One Auto Finance just don't give squat do leacock about you

  13. Robertson sandra says:

    After trying all my best to get my  credit card debt pay off, I met Official_donald_fx_ on Instagram  I'm in debts up to 20k on my capital one credit card but thank to Donald, I will never forget you

  14. Tye says:

    Capital one allows an unlimited amount of Auth users at no cost. I verified this with customer service and I currently have 10 AUs.

  15. Tiger Gray says:

    Mine was $300 credit now I have $8300 and my score was 630 now I have 700.

  16. Imer Flores says:

    Good video man,

    CapitolOne helped me out as well when my credit was no good.
    When I was younger I was horrible to my credit and they let me fix it up.

    Great video!

  17. Kay Best says:

    Help me since you love them i thought they were helpful but im bei g juiced need to know all my rights i feel that they see how many un resolved calls ive made and no help

  18. Kay Best says:

    I have had a horrible customer experience lately in the last 60 days capital one may take on the poorest but we pay hella more and get hella less ive called to make a payment and still they dnt help me treat the client like a crook when i call they give me the 10th degree and i can't get no help to log on my account and pay a past due payment because they have snarky agents with the under tones of smart azz

  19. The Lili&dre Show says:

    Thank you!

  20. Notasha Pace says:

    I love capitol 1. They have helped me alot.

  21. Duval Pierre says:

    Can I get a new capital one card since capital one had close my account ?

  22. bota20 says:

    My son just turned 18.. I told him i was never taught about credit, im starting you off right. So when your 30 you have a card that has age on it. Thank you for video…

  23. KeepinUp WithHoney says:

    I just applied for a card and paid my security funds today. I also paid off 80% of my debt off this week as well. I’m looking forward to getting my own apartment this year and improving my financial future.

  24. Liliana Cobo says:

    Do they check your credit of a authorize use un capital one i have a capital one credit card and i tanto out guve a card to my gilrfriend are they going to check her credit repor

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