30 Day Update of Credit Building & "Life After Bankruptcy"

Life After Bankruptcy! If your sick and tired of getting denied for credit then you must watch this video. I am showing a snapshot of my credit report 30 days into what I believe is the best way to build credit.

There is no “Magic Tricks” involved I show you exactly what I am doing to building my credit. There is no one showing what I am showing you.

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17 Responses

  1. Ratrod 359 says:

    Good info

  2. Mike Stuckert says:

    Great info. I recently filed for Chapter 7 and received my discharge on July 26th. If anyone has questions, I suggest checking this channel out. As a side note, you should never feel humiliated or afraid to consider chapter 7 or 13. Everyone's situations are different but I can tell you from experience, its a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders.

  3. Krisna Johnson-Young says:

    Thank you! I have started the process after watching your videos.

  4. Lil Rell says:

    Just applied for my Stated Federal account

  5. Deborah Saddler says:

    Kenny did your BK 7 come off your credit report?

  6. S. Jenjira Deenual says:

    Thank you Kenny… I started watching your 1st Video yesterday and more videos to watch. Very helpful and I followed the step by step from you.

  7. Queen & Princess Channel says:

    Can I get a welfargo secured credit card

  8. Mr. Crane says:

    Thank u Kenny for sharing your journey, your reports and personal information. Definitely am more informed and educated to make the right choices…..

  9. Chris Embry says:

    What is a state department secured credit card? Actually I just googled it and found it. I assume they are Bankruptcy friendly and what is the minimum and maximum you can apply for?

  10. Sabrina A says:

    How much do you recommend to use of your cc and how much do you pay by due date?

  11. Regular Joe With Justin says:

    I'm curious as to why there would be anything derogatory to be taken off of your credit report after bankruptcy except for bankruptcy

  12. Lando CalrisiaN says:

    Just curious if you open a PrivacyGuard account will there be a hard pull of one's credit?

  13. Chapo says:

    You have a email bruh? I wanna reach out to you. I’m a young black truck driver with wife and kids I’m really considering doing this

  14. Shannon Mcwilliams says:

    Never mind got it mixed up yours is the highest

  15. Shannon Mcwilliams says:

    Not bad so far funny usually the Experian usually the highest

  16. Gamingandfit says:

    Good work I'm still building.

  17. J K says:

    Yes, show the video of drafting a letter. That will be very helpful. Great videos, seriously.

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