3 Reasons Why Your Credit Score Sucks | How to Fix Bad Credit Score

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9 Responses

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  3. Sidney Zighem says:

    I had paid non-stop and on time, however, CreditExpert still shows that all payments are late, how can this be? I contacted the agency that is helping me, and they said that although the money is taken on time from my bank account, and paid by them to the creditor on time, it is the process within the creditor that causes the delay. In a nutshell, I saw many review on Youtube how Sammy Gold who have decades experience how FICO works save them from these problems. I took a bold step and contact him on gmail (sammygoldcyber (@) gm ail.com) to me. You can’t imagine how happy I am to see my credit in the excellent form it is now. It's so incredible I never taught my credit will ever be as good as this again. Or text them on Whatsapp +1 407-735-6053==-

  4. Al May says:

    If I am less than 30 days late, will they report it to the credit bureaus

  5. Jason White says:

    Learn more about our credit repair service at the filling link: https://www.the700clubcreditrepair.com/service/.

  6. Dan Perez says:

    Are you guys experienced in removing BK'S Specifically from Experian? As I have two bk7…a filing bk7 and a discharge bk7..

  7. Yasharahla k GMS humble work says:

    Sometimes whenever but I work a 12-hour shift at the hospital so most of the time work sleep work sleep out and about I definitely want you to look over my credit but I have to get all three credit bureaus report so I can send them to you one number to have money to pay for the services so I'm just waiting because there's other things that are on the table right now that are important that I have to take care of not saying that my credit is not important just trying to get things situated

  8. L Smith says:

    When’s the best time to reach you mr?

  9. Yasharahla k GMS humble work says:

    Thanks bro, that them low blow poor money management you definitely ain't lying the old kick in the nuts preach brother go ahead I'm listening

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