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  1. Kofi Eduful says:

    I had a credit card charged off after we went to court about the credit card and now is been charged off and is been abt 5 years plus. Now I just went back to the bank that the credit card was with to do business with again but they telling me that credit card that was charged off needs to be settled with the other company that the card debt was sold to. So question is do I have to pay this debt or call the company and settle that debt so I can have a good business terms with that bank again or what should I do please.

  2. Sinncerely Majesty says:

    Love your KNOWLEDGE bro …. got a New Sub Here Brotha

  3. Marketta Laster says:

    I was interested.. no one never returned my phone calls

  4. William Cordero says:

    Some of his information is inaccurate. Making a payment doesn’t reset the 7 year 180 day time it’s going to fall off your credit report. It does however restart the statute of limitations.

  5. daniel blythe says:

    Very informative. Whom would have thought of this, regarding charge offs. I'm glad for this video.

  6. Vernon Staten says:

    Please call me on this!!!!!! I got a Verizon problem

  7. Anthony Hernandez says:

    Sir, youre wrong about the charge off being on a credit report longer if you pay it. It will extend the statue of limitations on the account if you pay partially and they decide to sell it to another debt. Collector and every state is different, nothing is going to change it from falling off the credit report, I know from personal experience.

  8. Anastasia J. says:

    Jason, I tried disputing my charge off, does this reset my date?

  9. Wezzy Cam says:

    I have a charge off with a credit card (Discover) again is a charge off. I called them to settlement the debt can’t they collect on the debt when they write it off also the charge off still have a balance from what I know a charge off can’t have a balance.

    The main question is can a credit card company (discover) can collect on that account when they charge it off ? Is that double Dipping ?

  10. selah says:

    Hello, brother. What if "someone" has 2 closed accounts/charge off's that are just under 1 year old, have 2 open accounts that are less than 4 months old, and a current credit score 600, should he/she pay to delete?

  11. Synapse2k says:

    What you’re saying is actually illegal. The credit bureaus have to count 7 years from the date of first delinquency not last activity. Reaged accounts are illegal and very easy to dispute.

  12. Blk Johnny Bravo says:

    So i have 2 charge offs that will come off in literally 2 years… is it best to wait it out. Also I disputed an account last year and it remained on my credit. Did the dispute reopen the account?

  13. Vegas Dice says:

    What if a charge off is not on your credit report yet? Is there anyway to head it off?

  14. Amber Wilson says:

    what if you're still being reported as a late payment?

  15. Brandon Little says:

    I had a Nissan s Altima that due to upside down from previous vehicle, I was paying 40k for it. Even when my contract job was up, I could make payments, but I was suffering in putting aside for savings or emergency fund. I was working a new job just thg o be working until I got the job I wanted. I decided to voluntarily turn the vehicle in. They auction the vehicle. Between that money and the money they received from my gap insurances and maintenance plan. They recover over 17k. Said I still owed 20k. I dont see how it makes sense for me to still pay them 20k for a vehicle I no longer own. The vehicle is not even worth 20k.

  16. smittyboy007 says:

    My charge offs with NFCU and AMEX reported as $0 before and after I payed them off..

  17. Jason White says:

    3 reasons start @3:29.

  18. Jay Simpson says:

    I have a question, I have a charge off that happened in December of 2013. Are they still able to report a late payment on a charge off from 2013?

  19. lawrence briscoe says:

    Hey Jason W. I have 2 charge with CAPTIAL one ($1000)($2800) iam paying monthly to a in house debt collector iam looking negotiations a settlement what is a good settlement price to settle these charges off tks uuuuuuuuu

  20. YRICHSPIRIT 23 says:

    What if my creditor have they own collection agency and they don’t do pay for delete…..

  21. may roses says:

    What about a charge off account that was reopened by a collection agency

  22. Bryan Cook says:

    Tried to do a payment for deletion with GM financial for 1000$ out of 1900$. They refused to even do that. Any advice?? It's just remaining interest on my fiance car loan that got Totaled out

  23. Tevin Ballislife says:

    Great free information, thanks so much my brother.

  24. Paul Ruiz says:

    But my charge off has still been reporting a balance, what if it was never sold? And credit card companies ect still see that owed high balanced debt!

  25. halcyongt says:

    Everything you’ve said here are lies and conjecture.

  26. visionary entertainment says:

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  27. pops1 pops1 says:

    So what your say don't pay it and it will go away on it's own I don't agree just pay it and you have a clean mind and move forward

  28. Mr. Crane says:

    Greetings, I would like to ask if derogatories automatically fall off based on the date of last activity or date of first delinquency. Thank you JASON

  29. Jason White says:

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  30. Pat M says:

    If the creditor cannot prove you owe the alleged debt it must be deleted! There are laws to protect consumers. A contract, agreement and signature (NOT BILLING STATEMENTS) must be produced to the consumer when requested. If they can’t produce it then you have legal remedies and can sue in small claims. I got 1 $12,000.00 charge off with an old card of mine that was sold to a junk debt buyer. I also placed a security freeze on EVERY consumer reporting agencies so that no one will be able to look at anything in my name. It worked and that 1 charge off got deleted in about 29 days after I disputed with them twice and obtained an excellent paper trail. I never went to court and I was relieved 100%. Never pay. In life sometimes you may have to walk away from debt and it’s not the end of the world. 90% of the time, big banks will not have your signed contract agreement and they HAVE NO CHOICE but to delete it off your reports with the bureaus.

  31. Velda Vanterpool says:

    Hey suppose you are taken to court over charged off what should you do

  32. Edward B Andrews says:

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