3 Credit Cards You Must Close After 6 Months Max! – FICO,Budget,Bankruptcy,Report,Score

3 Credit Cards You Must Close After 6 Months Max! – FICO,Budget,Bankruptcy,Report,Score

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20 Responses

  1. Kevin Gonzalez says:

    I've gone from a 590 two years ago to an 804 today thanks to your advice. I also have five great credit cards that serve my best interest and offers from the top issuers which although I am holding off on accepting for now, I will consider once I am below the 5/24 chase threshold in about a year. Thanks 850 Club!!

  2. diane long says:

    Capital One helped me build my credit score!! They have some glitches I dt like BUT I Went from a 585 to 650 with two cards from them

  3. Courtney perrry says:

    I will like to take this to everyone about Credit Patchup LLC. Some months ago I was seriously searching for a loan worth 250,000 USD to purchase a home but I had a bad credit score so could not get any loan approvals, I was directed to a credit repair analyst /expert by a friend and this repair company helped me get my life back on track by erasing all negative items permanently and improving my score by more than 180 points. I will advice any one interested in getting a real loan approval and repairing their credit to reach out to Jon@creditpatchup.com

  4. Ezekiel Zeke says:

    I got a Credit One card about 3 months ago. Hearing all these stories I regret getting the card. I will close the card after 6 to 8 months.

  5. scarterlett royl says:

    Great advice!!!….. I was thinking to do Self Lender…. hacker LOYD help me … Capital One helped me also…. they gave me an unsecured with a low $300 limit… so hacker Loyd help me increased it to 500 within 3 weeks … it wasn't much but trust me I was still happy …now they're sending me a Capital One venture with a $2,000 limit that they had already pre-approved me for… took all of 30 seconds for them to process …I managed to do this in one just a week …unbenounced to me my credit score jumped 45 points because of the increase in credit… I was super excited of course….also I find that credit unions are more forgiving and proned to take a chance on those with not-so-great credit as long as you become a member… I opened a savings account, financed a car and received a credit card through them.. please ( super hacker Loyd ) is the best he help me all through i am so happy you can call him through is contact + 1 ( 832 ) — 377 — 786 1

  6. julius jones says:

    I closed my applied bank milestone totals o kept open and Walmart but Capitol one bit I did close the comeback card too

  7. Tyler Christopher says:

    I remember when I got offers from First Premier Bank…I almost signed up with them but some kept telling me "no, do not do it". I'm so Glade I listened to that voice because I looked at all of those fees and i ended not going with them. I'm glad I made the right choice.

  8. KiBitz Entertainment says:

    Most of these companies shouldn't be charging an annual fee, they need us so they can charge retailers a fee every time we wipe. so they are making profit regardless

  9. Jimmy Wadsworth says:

    Hey when you get your first secured credit card does the annual fee go towards your utilization or no

  10. DjLadyJTV says:

    Thanks for the advice! Hopefully I’ll be replacing my Milestone card the same way. Haven’t had it a month and I’m like why lol.

  11. Sampson Empire says:

    great videos always paying attention thx for all your help .Just sub and like !!!

  12. Black Dollar Inc. Investments says:

    They wanted me to pay the annual fee to activate the card, should be called a activation fee lol

  13. Thekeyman1 says:

    Credit one bank card is a fee harvesting card if you have better credit, it's not that bad. But you can do better!

  14. Veronica Key says:

    Yesss they wanted to charge me 4
    95.for a 200.00 dollar credit increase

  15. Veronica Key says:

    Yesss your right credit one is a mess

  16. Robert Green says:

    I have a premire card for 17 years what are a premire card to apply for

  17. Anonymous Hippopotamus says:

    Thanks for informing us about these 3 Geldgräber
    companies whose predatory business practices and games (like those played by all immoral businesses in a wild west unregulated playing field) proceed with no hesitation in extracting as much resources as possible from those who can least afford it. Without clever fine print and disclaimers, most predatory loaners would cease to exist.

  18. efrainl956 says:

    Hey Calvin, great video! But I have a question. I’ve had the first premier card for six years, and it’s the oldest. The rest are about two years or less. I now have the Capital One Venture card, the American Express Gold card, and other premium cards. My question is, will closing my 1st premier card make my score go down enough that the other card issuers bring my credit limit down on their cards or even close my accounts? Also, I’m afraid such a move my affect me getting a mortgage. I mean, it’ll be six years disappearing from my credit history…what’s your take on this? Thanks!

  19. James Ferrero says:

    I have 708 on transunion n 742 on equifax i’m in michigan am I able to get zero down ?

  20. Charles Smallins says:

    Credit One is staight garbage!!!!!!!! They charge me $8 per month and I never ever ever use it yet they still charge you that amount. I have 2 Capital One cards and barely use them……no monthly fees.

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