24Hr Credit Repair Workshop Release | Credit Sweep Deep Dive

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Today I’m releasing my Deep Dive Workshop for credit sweeps for 24 hours. if you would ike to see the entire workshop and get instant access to all materials, head to The content has also been edited to for viewing purposes.

What’s included in this recording of the credit repair workshop?
The difference between the old way (609 credit repair dispute letter templates) and the new way (factual based credit sweeps)

You’ll learn 🧞‍♀️ step-by-step how to read your credit report and determine what information should be used in what order to get the deletion or correction. 

I’ll be using sample IdentityIQ credit reports and we’re going to write the dispute letter in the moment based on the information provided.

(full workshop description) 

You’ll learn:

– How to dispute rounds 1-6

– 🏄‍♀️ How to follow up with the credit bureaus

– Whether you should be taking all the information from the credit report OR from the responses in the mail

– 🤦‍♀️ What to do if you do not receive responses

– What to do if none of the information changes on the credit report

– 📶 What to do if something is deleted and then reinserted back to the report

– How to dispute multiple negative items at once, on the same dispute letter

– 🖖 The exact wording that should go into your dispute letter

– What to do if the accounts are not coming off

💫 and more!


You’ll receive actionable advice and will receive the following:

– Dispute planner

– Step-by-step instructions

– A recording of the live workshop once produced

– Video notes

 *** You will NOT receive dispute letter templates because the entire point of this is to learn to do it yourself – not to have it done for you. However, I will be providing boilerplates for use during the live event as well as for formulating your disputes after. Also note that none of this is going to be law-heavy or use “pursuant to” or “first attempt”, etc. 


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Let’s jump on a call and see if I can help!

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